Night Two Of The Basilica Block Party Proves Another Success


Ten more artists made their way to Basilica of Saint Mary for the annual block party which fills the church grounds with fans of music. With Fridays set proving to be a memorable night for summer of ’19, Saturday was no different.

Star Tribune Stage brought three more great local acts to stage. First up was Michael Shynes, a local singer-songwriter infusing a variety of sounds ranging from pop to blues creating a soothing sound. Following Shynes was The Bad Man. This local punk band bases their sound around the influence of this city’s punk foundation. Hints of The Replacements and Husker Du can be picked up on in this bands rocking set. Ending the night for Star Tribune Stage was Static Panic. This young Prince inspired pop band showed their maturity through the subjects of their songs. Sexuality, mental health, and loss were all on the table for discussion during this act’s performance.

PreferredOne Stage also had a trio of great acts on Saturday night. Flora Cash warmed the stage up with their dreamy pop tunes. This Swedish based two-piece group expressed their love for performance on stage and did a great job at warming up the crowd for the pop to follow. Canadian band Metric came on stage next. Emily Haines, lead singer of the band, danced around stage as her bandmates powered out their hits. Audience members soon fell victim to the bands dance inspiring tunes and began moving around the steps and grass of Basilica’s entrance. PreferredOne Stage then called in help from across the Atlantic to keep this dance party going. Popular Scottish band, Chvrches headlined the stage playing their crowd-pleasing favorites. With the sun setting the trio expressed their love for this city and happily shared the news they had earned a star on the famous First Avenue wall.

Great Clips Stage, the largest of the three brought four great acts onto it. First was local singer Lissie. This singer’s lyricism and soothing melodies gave strong supporting evidence to the case of this cities fantastic music scene. For all in attendance the set was one to remember. Following Lissie was married couple JOHNNYSWIM. This band sound derives from an appreciation of rock and pop introducing the audience to the powerful sounds love can bring. Their songs gave us insight into their lives and the ups and downs of a working relationship. While there may not be any spouses in the next act, Hanson, an American pop band showed just how tight a band can be through tireless touring and playing. Their upbeat set proved the bands success in the festival circuit and introduced new listeners to a great group to follow. Headlining the Great Clips Stage was early 2000 singer-songwriter Jason Mraz. The man brought the soul of coffee shops to the large stage creating an intimate performance. Mraz played through his love inspiring hits such as “I’m Yours” and “I Won’t Give Up.” Love was in the air during this set both for Mraz and for the significant others their together. This wholesome set was a great way to wrap up Basilica Block Party, highlighting what the festival was really all about: love, and togetherness.