My Favorite Sets of 2019 – Jack Franz


Throughout the course of 2019, I had the privilege of watching a number of unique, powerful sets spanning from genres and styles all over the board. As difficult as it may be to try and categorize all of these shows together so that I may pick my favorite 5 from the bunch, it is a fun way to remember the shows from the year that had the greatest impact on me. 

Jade Bird – Going into this young artists’ show without knowing much about her left me a bit skeptical. It was maybe two or three songs in I realized just how amazing of an artist she and her backing band are. I don’t think any artist has wowed me as much as she did this year. 

Andrew Bird- While Phil Spector may be the creator of the Wall of Sound, Bird has certainly darn-near perfected it at his concerts. This was my second time seeing Andrew Bird perform live and I couldn’t be more happy with his showmanship.

Ringo Starr – Not sure what more needs to be said. Being so close to a Beatle is an almost out-of-body experience that requires you to pinch yourself periodically to make sure you’re not dreaming.

 Chvrches – Having been a fan of this band’s music for many years I was super excited to see them live. Their genre of music, for me, is sometimes difficult to translate into powerful shows but they absolutely killed it and had the whole audience dancing. 

David Crosby – Similar to Ringo, David Crosby is one of those legends who you really can’t believe you’re seeing live. The infamous rock n’ roller played an amazing set and it’s worth mentioning, I think he still has one of the best voices in the industry.