Municipal Waste F#cks Up The Observatory with a Stellar Performance


The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA went completely unglued on Monday night. After the heavy hitting opening performances from High on Fire and Toxic Holocaust, Municipal Waste took to the stage like a royal ass-kicking. From the first time I heard Municipal Waste, I was hooked! Luckily I had an old Municipal Waste shirt in my closet and I immediately felt at home again. From the start of the concert it was immediately one big chaos in the room. Crowd-surfers left and right and a mosh pit that occupies a large part of the room. This was not enough for singer Tony Foresta, so five seconds later there were crowd surfers from the bar. Between the crowds a lot of lost shoes flew through the room and Tony helped eagerly by taking away shoes from crowd-surfers who came by.

The set then continued with a large circle pit and mosh pit. The performance largely consists of classics from the The Art of Partying album, which are bombarded loudly by the visitors. The setlist closed with the ultimate party classic Born to Party, where the audience shouts loudly “Municipal Waste is going to fuck you up”. The crowd never gave up and the band returned for three more encore songs. They wraped up their set with, The Art of Partying .

After the performance I move out of the wandering crowds, where I saw enough blood and people who needed to support someone else because they could barely walk. Municipal Waste has literally fulfilled the promise ” Municipal Waste is going to fuck you up”.