Screw Omicron – MN’s Best New Bands Of 2021 Bounce Back At First Avenue On 3/4


After originally being scheduled in January First Avenues Best New Bands of 2021 was a casualty of Omicron assault on concert schedules. But it is finally happening this Friday! So don’t snooze, get your tickets HERE

Durry. EVV. Honeybutter. KOKOU KAH. Lanue. papa mbye. VIAL.

What do all these bands have in common? 

They are simply the best; At least in the eyes of those in the cold here in Minnesota! First Avenue’s “Best New Bands of 2021” take  the stage on January 7th next year and if the title doesn’t add enough value on its own, tickets are just TWELVE DOLLARS to see all of these sensational acts.

First Avenue is historically considered one of the best venues in not only the Twin Cities but across the country. Housing countless stars since its founding, all listed on the outside wall as you walk in, these up-and-coming bands will be looking to join the ranks of Prince and beyond as they get a chance to play in a venue he himself considered a home base. 

This opportunity will not be taken lightly by any of the artists performing, and neither should you! Don’t miss out on this stellar exhibition of so many great, local acts! To read up more on each one, check them out when you’re looking for tickets HERE