Minnesota State Fair Gets The Hairball Treatment Saturday Night


Hairball brought their rock and roll experience to the Grandstand on the final weekend of the great Minnesota get together. The venue was packed on Saturday night, but not as packed as the Midway, and offered the sweaty masses a pleasant refuge.

First up was The Voice contestant Kat Perkins. Kat put on an energetic performance. Though born in South Dakota, Kat calls Minneapolis home and she called out to her parents who were in attendance. While she brought her unique spin to several covers, including “Gold Dust Woman” and “Barracuda”, the highlight of the set was her original music. In addition to being an amazing performer, Kat is a gifted songwriter. “Fearless”, her homage to living a life without the daily anxieties of life, offered an inspirational message and moved many in attendance Saturday night. Kat also gives back to the music community, check out her Rising Star Foundation.  

Headliners Hairball came out right around 8:45. To call these guys an ‘80’s cover or tribute band would be the understatement of the year. These guys are an experience to behold. Lights, smoke and pyrotechnics create an arena rock experience that cannot be described in words, it must be seen to be believed. The opening Van Halen tunes highlighted the amazing musicianship of this band. The performers don costumes authentic to the band being performed. I am old enough to have seen most of the bands that were covered here perform live, and I can tell you these guys are the real deal. The attention to detail in both costume and mannerisms, from Axl Rose to David Lee Roth is phenomenal.

The interaction between the band and the crowd was a highlight of the evening. The Grandstand was full of hardcore Hairball fans, and the band worked the audience into a frenzy. The fans were able to relive days gone by. They were having a great time dancing and singing along to tunes of their youth. I lost count of how many songs and bands were covered as I too was swept up in the nostalgia.

Hairball brought the rock Saturday night, and the 2 hour plus show left the crowd satisfied as a belly full of Pronto pups.  


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  1. My life long friend Tim Mikkels, who is owns a production/media company in South Dakota first told me about Hairball in June. I had never heard of these guys, even though I live in Minnesota. He was the promoter for a show in my home town of Pierre/Ft. Pierre, SD and said it would be worth the trip to SD to see them. My mom lives about a block from where they were playing, so my wife and I drove the 380 miles to see them. They were absolutely phenomenal!!! I graduated high school in 1981, so needless to say, I knew all the songs these guys played. Saw them again 2 weeks later in Rogers, MN with the same result. These guys are way more than a cover band…it is an experience! Well, saw them again at the state fair on Saturday and it was an even better experience!! They packed the Grandstands at the fair and absolutely rocked!

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