Metalsota 2nd Annual Metty Awards ROCKED the Amsterdam


I don’t know of any where else in the country where a local scene is able to pull off with the Twin Cities metal scene pulled off last night. For the second year in a row, my friend Bill of Metalsota threw an event that gets even the hardest of metalheads dressed up in a suit and tie. The Mettys are something that many people look forward to every year and to be a part of it is nothing short of an honor.

I could go on and on about how amazing the local metal scene is. The amount of talent here is insane and it’s full of some of the nicest people that started as friends and have turned into family. Having an event like The Mettys is something that I don’t think you’ll find anywhere else in the country and it only happens because we all know that our scene is special.

The night started with bands, judges, and presenters walking the red carpet as photographers snapped pictures just like you would see at The Grammy’s or any other award show. People came out in limos and were dressed to the nines. It is kind of funny to see these guys and gals that typically are in jeans and ratty band t-shirts get all dolled up in suits, ties and evening gowns. Some people weren’t even recognizable but that’s the magic of the Mettys.

As the red carpet started winding down and people had said their greetings to all of their friends, the show started. With Greg Chilton of Ritual Madness Podcast behind the microphone as the MC of the night, the award show started. After a couple of beautiful words about just how great this scene truly is and your typical “let’s all be friends and just be happy to have an event like this in our scene” talk, it was off to the races and awards started to be announced.

The goblet like awards were flying off the table as figures in the metal scene announced winner after winner of categories like bassist of the year and black metal band of the year. It didn’t matter if the crowd agreed with the winner of each category or not, after each winner was announced there was a roar of applause and cheering for every winner. As winners exited the stage and made their way back down the red carpet to go back into the crowd, beers were being poured into the goblets (although the trophy company had warned us last year that drinking out of the trophy’s was not advised) and friends and bandmates were taking turns drinking out of the coveted trophy’s. The excitement on the winner’s faces said everything that needed to be said. Sure, it’s just a local award show but the fact that people felt to honored to win these awards and carried their trophy’s around with a sense of pride truly amazed me. Having helped with a little bit of the behind the scenes work on this event, I saw the stress that Bill and others went through when it came to organizing this event but it was also easy to see that it was all worth it.

As the night went on you could tell that the booze was finally kicking in. I watched with a smile on my face as guys dressed in suits started moshing along to the featured bands of the night. My heels quickly turned into the flats that I had thankfully stashed in my bag  and suit coats were strewn throughout the venue. Although we were all dressed to the nines, we’re still metalheads and as soon as that music hit, it didn’t matter if you were dressed up or not, the crowd treated it just like a metal show and if you weren’t careful, you could easily find yourself in the middle of a pit.

I would be lying if I said the night went off without a hitch. At one point there was a streaker (I’ll keep his name out of this) who came up on stage as My Zero started performing. At first my friends and I thought he was just shirtless but quickly realized that clothing was apparently optional for this guy and watched as he ran around the stage completely naked before running out of the venue and attempting to run back to his car to get his clothes. (Side note- as he ran out of the venue, there just happened to be cops outside that snagged him up pretty quick. No arrest was made but I’m sure it was a funny scene for everyone that was outside smoking on the patio!) Beyond that, the drama seemed to stay to a minimum. Sure, there was your typical drunken swing at someone else or a drunken rant on stage that probably didn’t need to happen but I feel like majority of people left the night happy and honored to be part of an event like this.

Clearly I could go on and on about this event and how amazing it was but what’s the point? If you weren’t there and if you aren’t a part of this scene, it doesn’t matter. I can’t make you feel what we all felt last night. I can tell you how we all felt like we were on top of the world because that’s a feeling you just can’t put into words.

Last night was our night and I would like to thank every single person I spent it with.

And the winners were…

Breakout Artist-Mirror Of Being

Bassist of the year- Roman Pinter of Reaping Asmodeia

Drummer of the year- Tony Lendt of Cymothoa

Guitarist of the year- Alde De la Rosa of Aetheric

Vocalist of the year-Mike Bloodfist of Endless Reign

Show of the year- Top Secret Metalfest 3

Music Video of the Year-Buried Above Ground

Metal Venue of the year- Triple Rock Social Club

Best Live Video- Buried Above Ground

Best album production- In Search Of Solace

Best album artwork- Cymothoa

EP Of the year-Mithya

Fans Choice-Auridius

Album of the year-Sunless

Song of the year-We Are Legion

Best live band-Buried Above Ground

Death Metal band of the year- Glutton for Punishment

Black Metal band of the year-Amiensus

Metal Band of the year-Buried Above Ground

Dig Deep award- Chad Hanks of American Head Charge