Marah In The Mainsail Bringing Take Off Tour To First Ave On March 9th


Marah In The Mainsail will be embarking on their “Take Off” tour and will be stopping at the First Ave. Mainroom on Friday, March 9th. The band is out supporting their latest release Bone Crown.  Also performing on Friday night will be Reina Del Cid. Marah In The Mainsail has been one of our favorite live bands with shows that are wild and over the top. Their first time in First Avenue’s Mainroom should be epic.

Cinematic is the word most often used to describe Minneapolis based Marah in the Mainsail. The sound is dark and mysterious at it’s core. With layers upon layers of dynamic turns, from the hopeful highs of “Fox hole” to the guttural darkness of “the Great Beyond’. Between Durry’s true grit voice, and Mercedes tender subtlety, you’ll find a vast array of narrative and stylistic possibilities. With imposing and wild jungle drums, soaring brass horns, growling bass, and shimmering spaghetti western guitars, all blanketed under a sinister vintage organ. This band has all of the tools it needs to paint an epic picture, “We set out to create something new. Something outside the industry standard. Something hard to define, but easy understand. We strive to bring the in depth experience of the cinema and literature to the modern music scene. Please join us in this grand experiment of the arts.”

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Upcoming Tour Dates:

3/7 – Sioux City, IA | The Marquee | 7:00PM

3/8 – Sioux Falls, SD | Pink Moon Room | 6:00PM

3/9 – Minneapolis, MN | First Avenue | 7:00PM

3/10 – Fremont, NE | May Brothers Building | 9:00PM

3/11 – Wichita, KS | Elbow Room | 8:00PM

3/13 – Austin, TX | Carousel Lounge | 7:00PM

3/14 – Austin, TX | Rooftop on 6th | 10:00PM

3/15 – Austin, TX | Cherrywood Coffee | 12:30PM

3/15 – Austin, TX | Handlebar (Rooftop) |10:00PM

3/16 – Austin, TX | The Rattle Inn | 9:00PM

3/17 – Austin, TX | San Jac Saloon | 4:00PM                                                                                   

3/17 – Austin, TX | Nook Amphitheater | 12:00PM