Lords Of Acid Make Kink Pretty At The Cabooze


The Lords of Acid brought their Pretty in Kink Tour to the Cabooze Tuesday night and the bar was packed with their fans.  I hadn’t seen them before and wasn’t sure what to expect.  I had gotten interested in the Lords of Acid at the Metty Awards when someone described them as metal at a completely different level.  Having a great interest in strange, unusual and completely different levels, I decided I needed to see them.  I had expected a higher level of darkness, metalness, or presentation and they were all that and more.

My usual plan is to arrive 15 minutes early in case there are issues with the photo pass and also to get cameras set up and ready to shoot.  When I saw a line in the front of the Cabooze, I thought it was a backup and I would soon get in.  But there was a delay or issue and the doors had’t opened yet.  I dislike standing outside with temps in the low teens and a stiff wind as much as the next person, but when that next person has on a short sleeve t shirt with no coat and doesn’t seem bothered by the subzero wind chill, then I feel an obligation to stand in line, regardless of how much it burns/aches.  The wait extended to about 45 minutes and I was never so glad to finally get inside.  The short sleeve t shirt guy and the other coatless people seemed like it was no big deal and I half expected them to go outside due to the extreme heat inside.

I get through check in, my name was on the photo list, but they didn’t have actual photo passes.  I was told there would be no problem getting into the pit despite the lack of passes, so I headed off to work.  There was no security around the pit, but no one seemed to want to be there that wasn’t allowed, so all was good.

The first band wasn’t actually a band at all, but a team of 4 dancers called Little Miss Nasty.  They danced to canned music, doing acrobatic moves and choreographed skits.  I wasn’t expecting them, nor had I previously heard of them and they seemed nice enough – I didn’t see any episodes of nastiness or untoward behavior.  They seemed to be in really good shape and apparently were excessively warm like the coatless people since they were constantly removing clothing during their act.  They used fog machines and colorful lighting to augment the visual aspects of the show.

The next act was a band that had an interesting name – Genitorturers.  They were certainly different, adorned in costumes I had not seen before and incorporating certain adult toys that I hadn’t seen on a stage before – but I have never been to Denmark.  Genitorturers was unique and sounded really good.  At one point in their act, someone came on stage and using a rotating power tool, generated sparks from their groin area.  Definitely an act you don’t see everyday.

The next band was Orgy and I didn’t know what to expect.  They were actually more conventional and were very high energy.  Several of the band members were covered in sweat halfway through their set.  I was surprised there were so many really warm people on this cold evening.  The lead singer headed into the crowd for one song and sang and danced with the audience.  Orgy had a lot of fans in attendance – they frequently shouted requests in unison, singing along to several of their songs.  This was my first Orgy, but I enjoyed them and would like to see them again.

The Little Miss Nasty team came back for a second set and danced to a few more tunes to the delight of the crowd.   As each member of Lords of Acid took the stage, the crowd cheered and applauded.  The Lords started playing, but then abruptly stopped.  Apparently there was an issue with some of the instruments.  After a short delay, the show resumed. There was some confusion about photo passes and we were asked to leave after the first 3 songs (that’s pretty standard but this time they apparently meant leaving the Cabooze). So my impressions of the Lords’ set is limited to the 3 songs I saw. But was I was good, really good. Fans were way into it pushing against the barrier to touch the band, especially singer Marieke Bresseleers. The music is a cool mix of metal and industrial heavy on synths.  The energy of the music and band lit up the whole venue. I can only imagine how wild things got after I had to leave………. I will just have to catch them the next time they come through Minneapolis, and so should you.

Set List (Pending Confirmation):
Sex Bomb / Scrood Bi U / Break Me / Sex Cam Girl / Out Comes the Evil / (A Treatise on the Practical Methods Whereby One Can) Worship the Lords / You Belong to Me / Rough Sex – Take Control / Rubber Doll / Voodoo-U / Pussy / My Demons Are Inside / The Most Wonderful Girl / Drink My Honey / I Sit on Acid
Encore: Let’s Get High / The Crablouse