Laura Jane Grace Set to Play an Intimate Show at Cloudland Theater 1/3


Iconic punk singer-songwriter Laura Jane Grace is set to play a show at Minneapolis’ intimate Cloudland Theater on January 3rd, 2024. Tickets are SOLD OUT for this show. Grace will be playing with fellow singer-songwriter Mya Byrne. These shows precede Laura Jane Grace’s new album Hole in My Head coming out February 16, 2024. 

Mya Byrne

“Mya Byrne is a celebrated Americana singer-songwriter and firecracker guitarist, combining influences from countrypolitan to glam-pop, blues, and ghostly incantations into a singular voice and vision, with elements of John Prine’s whimsy, Leonard Cohen’s spiritual gravitas, Dylan’s wit, and Lucinda Williams’ aching sensuality. A longtime Bay Area resident, she now splits her time between Nashville and New York, but is never far in heart from California, or the open road.

Byrne is the first out queer trans woman to be an official Gibson Guitars artist. Her work both on and offstage for social justice drives her passionate, fiery music, and she’s an absolute sweetheart who will make you cookies at midnight if you ask nicely. Like a crackling backyard fire outside of a city at dusk, stars on one side of the sky and light pollution on the other, Mya’s music is in the pocket of traditional country and Americana, yet firmly rooted in the modern world.” (Source: Mya Byrne’s website)

Laura Jane Grace

“Laura Jane Grace is a major figure in today’s rock scene as both a solo artist and the front person of Against Me!, which she founded in Naples, FL in the late 1990s. As a working artist, she has released four solo offerings and seven albums with Against Me!, and in 2012 went public with her gender transition in the pages of Rolling Stone. In her music, she continues to detail her journey all while staying true to her earlier themes of outspoken political critique – environmentalism along with personal and social liberation – with a base in American music including country and folk-rock, with a penchant for noise and anarchy.” (Source: Polyvinyl Records)