Kublai Khan TX hits First Ave 4/9


Texas-based metalcore band Kublai Khan TX hits First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN on April 9, 2024 during their U.S. Headlining tour. Lined up with killer support from fellow thrashers  Sunami, Judiciary and Momentum, this is a show that looks like a mosh-pit lover’s paradise.


Kublai Khan TX are a metalcore quartet from North Texas with an aggressive, punishing sound that combines monstrous riffs and thrashing blast beats. The group built up a fan base through solid regional and national touring, and eventually opened for bands such as the Acacia Strain, Fit for a King, and Texas in July. The band continued to push against the sonic boundaries of metalcore on 2019’s Absolute and 2022’s Lowest Form of Animal EP, both of which added elements of electronicore and alternative metal to their uncompromising sound.


Sunami is an American hardcore punk band formed in San Jose, California in 2019. Originally intended as a short-lived joke band by members of various San Francisco Bay Area hardcore bands, Sunami sought to parody the ignorant style of many hardcore bands on their 2019 demo Demonstration. However, after gaining notoriety for their violent debut live performance, the band continued past their planned time frame. They have since released three EPs, with their debut self-titled album being released on June 14, 2023. A 2023 article by Revolver credited them as “in the upper echelon of bands dominating the hardcore zeitgeist.”


Balancing traditionally timeless grit with 21st century gusto, Judiciary hammer out hardcore grooves at breakneck thrash speeds. The Texas quintet—Jake Collinson [vocals], Kyle Calfin [bass], Austin Looney [drums], Jimmy LaDue [guitar], and Israel Garza [guitar]—wield a searing signature style unlike anything in heavy music. With calculated intensity, it bludgeons without compromise, draws back for a breath, and strikes again even harder. Piling up millions of streams and inciting the applause of Stereogum, Revolver, and more, the group perfects this incendiary hybrid of metal and hardcore on their 2023 second full-length LP, Flesh + Blood [Closed Casket Activities].


Formed in 2016, Momentum is a five-piece metallic hardcore group based in Los Angeles. Blasting rage fueled beats and face melting vocals, the band digs deep to get their guttural and twisted tone.  


Tickets are available HERE!