KMFDM Are Bringing Their HYËNA Tour To The Cabooze 10/6


I definitely had to do a doubletake but, it’s real, the one and only KMFDM will be at the cozy and intimate Cabooze on Thursday, October 6th! Tickets are still available HERE!

KMFDM’s new album HYËNA was just release a few weeks ago. The album’s 11 songs are the group’s most adventurous yet, marked by fearless creativity and genre-busting ambition, with an aggressive tone speaking truth to power. The unapologetic vocal attack of founder Sascha “Käpt’n K” Konietzko and Lucia Cifarelli; the sharp guitars of Andee Blacksugar, and the percussive bombast of Andy Selway supercharge HYËNA with aggressive might. HYËNA guest features include Jules Hodgson, Andrew “Ocelot” Lindsley, Bruce Breckenfeld, Sissy Misfit, and Kumar Bent.

All About The Rock declared HYËNA “blasts through the speakers with the force of a napalm strike.” ReGen Magazine called HYËNA “the leanest and meanest material yet from the Ultra-Heavy Beat” and pointed out that KMFDM never misses “the opportunity to wave a giant middle finger at the injustices of the world.”

Joining KMFDM on this tour will be fellow industrial rabble-rousers CHANT, marking the Texas act’s fourth tour with the Ultra Heavy Beat as well as industrial/rap artist Andrew “The Real Ocelot” Lindsley returning from the 2017 Hell Yeah Tour.