Kesha Performs Inspiring Show at Mystic Lake


Going to shows like the Only Love Tour at Mystic Lake Casino this past Sunday is a solid reminder of why I love live music and, specifically, good pop music. Unfortunately, my day job held me back so that I couldn’t catch the opener, Jake Wesley Rogers. I walked in at the end of the last song, but what I heard sounded great, and I will check them out next time they’re in town!

I have only seen Kesha live once, and it was at the 2017 Jingle Ball. I remember her incredibly, but it was a radio show, so there was only so much individuality one could display on a show like that. Kesha has been a staple name in the pop music industry, and its reputation has resulted from decades of hard work and incredible talent. I have seen many pop stars perform live on stage, and all of them have been great, but only a handful have held a lasting impression like Kesha. Those kinds of artists aren’t necessarily more talented than others, but it’s more of an energy that they have. Watching videos of Kesha perform, seeing photos, or hearing about it is not enough. You have to be in the same room as her, feel her energy, and watch her perform for a group of incredibly dedicated fans. It’s a feeling that’s hard to fit into words. 

Throughout the night, Kesha kept her energy high, even during the ballad. Every moment of the show was thought out and executed with precision. From the choreography, the costumes, the lighting, and the flow of the setlist, everything decision made sense in the grand scheme of the show. Kesha has been through so much throughout her career, and watching her on stage share empowering music from her own experiences was genuinely inspiring. It is a time when you get to leave all your troubles at the door and exist in a space exactly as you are feeling only love.

We R Who We R.