Keep Things Gothy With Vision Video And Stranger Gallery At The Hook & Ladder 11/4


If you prefer to keep things dark and moody Vision Video is the perfect band for you. The Atlanta foursome is coming to the Hook & Ladder on 11/4 with local band Stranger Gallery opening. Tickets are available HERE

Haunted Hours, their latest single follows Vision Video’s acclaimed 2021 debut, Inked In Red, which garnered praise from Pitchfork, Paste, WUGA (NPR), with the band gracing the cover of Athens weekly paper, Flagpole. Released in the midst of the pandemic, Vision Video’s Gannon turned to social media to open up about his experiences, which ultimately led him back to the world of goth and post-punk music, creating his ‘Goth Dad’ alter-ego via TikTok, garnering well over 400k followers on the platform, along over 150k on Instagram.

Gannon, who after the Army, became an EMT with the Atlanta Fire Department, continues his journey, grappling with the darkest demons of the human soul and mind with Haunted Hours, though through the outlet of creativity, he has managed to embrace some of the light… the parts that make us or completes us, as human beings, including music and being together to share a moment.

This time around Gannon is not content to just tell his own story. He draws from the experiences of Vision Video’s new legion of fans, or ‘Baby Bats’, as they are known in TikTok circles. This new, empathetic approach to writing is fully realized in the title track “Haunted Hours” which channels the true story of a fan’s husband’s untimely passing that was transformed into arguably the most accessible, yet meaningful song the band has written. Dusty reflected on this track – “I wanted to capture the ache of loss, the weight of memory and the appreciation of memory all at once.” This sentiment is realized through the melody of an incredibly catchy chorus that captures loss wrapped in beauty.

Gannon is joined in Vision Video by classically trained pianist Emily Fredock on keys and vocals, Dan Geller – the producer behind synth-pop act, I am the World Trade Center – on bass, and Jason Fusco of the punk band Shehehe on drums. The album was once again produced by Tom Ashton (The March Violets), who manned the helm on Inked In Red.

Stranger Gallery is a Minneapolis post-punk and soundscapes formed 2021. Cody Bourdot – vocals, guitar, bass Jeff Cornell – guitar Manny Castro – bass, violin Rocky Rosga – synth, beats