Journey And Toto Prove Their Songs Staying Power At The Xcel


The switch from Monday night’s concert to Tuesday must have felt like traveling to another planet to the staff. To illustrate the newest song onMonday’s headliner Journey set list was released in 1986 – 15 years before Billie Eilish was born. Both Journey and opener Toto have gone through numerous lineup changes with precious few of their “original” members remaining. But the power of their music continues to draw (14.000 fans on Monday).

But as I read through the bands’ current bios something dawned on me. We have seen dead artists brought to life through holograms. Cover bands are doing brisk business (and in many cases a great job). Is time moving music above individual artists? Have “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Africa” ingrained themselves into our culture on a level that the songs rather than the bands have become the attraction. Are they becoming timeless? After all, Mozart, Beethoven, and Vivaldi have been dead hundreds of years, but their music lives on and nobody gripes about none of the performers being “original” when their works are performed.

For the fans at the Xcel, the answer was clearly yes.