Jinjer And Fans Pummel The Turf Club


Jinjer was at the Turf Club on Sunday night and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were several large, new holes in the walls of the beer hall. The moshers were very active, along with being very big and people were bouncing around like a pinball machine. I got bumped more than a few times, the worst from a late arrival that decided they didn’t want to see the show from the back and bulldozed their way to the front of the stage.

The Turf Club was advertised as sold out for the Sunday night show for several weeks, so I thought I would get there by the time the doors opened to guarantee a front row view. I arrived when I thought the doors were supposed to open and only saw a few people in line, so was feeling pretty optimistic about getting the front row. But the parking lot and the side streets had no open parking. Finally finding some parking a little further away, I hurried to the club. I walked in with no wait and was greeted by a large crowd and 3 rows of people lined up in front of the stage. There went my hopes for great photos and I settled in on one of the sides with hopes of moving up as the night progressed. People stayed in place the entire night, so the moving up never happened.

Sumo Cyco opened the evening and got the moshers started early. The band is a four-piece, hard rock/heavy metal band from Hamilton Ontario. They are high energy and hard rocking with little time for talk. Lead singer Skye ‘Sever’ Sweetnam was of the stage almost as much as she was on the stage. Sweetnam made her way through the crowd, got up on the bar and ordered a shot from the bartender. She got off the bar, onto a patron’s shoulders, who carried her back to the stage. A few minutes later, she was back into the crowd and on the narrow center wall between the bar and the dance floor. Once more back to the stage, then one last time into the crowd on the shoulders of one of the other band members. Very entertaining, great photo opps and great music – I need to see Sumo Cyco again.

The next band was The Browning. The Browning is a four piece band from Kansas City, Missouri. The band was dark and moody, as was the lighting, with synths playing between songs. The band plays an eclectic blend of deathcore, metalcore and EDM. Lead singer Jonny McBee really got the moshers going, as bodies were flying around the dance floor. The music was non-stop and the crowd cheered for an encore, but The Browning was on a schedule and had to leave the stage. They played a great set and are a must see.

After a short break, Jinjer took the stage to loud applause from the crowd. Jinjer is a Ukrainian heavy metal band that was formed in 2009. Their playing style incorporates elements of death metal, progressive rock and nu metal. The band had one of the best light shows that I have seen at the Turf Club. The lighting was bright and constantly changing in color and intensity, which made for a great show, but made it hard to get good photos. Lead singer Tatiana Shmailyuk’s vocals varied from a heavy gruff to a beautiful soft, soulful voice. Great show and great finish to the night. I loved all 3 bands and would love to see them again. Only next time I would get there even earlier to get a front row view.