Interpol Rocks The Palace Theater


Based in Manhattan, New York, Interpol returned to the Twin Cities February 5th, performing at the Palace Theater in St. Paul. Interpol recently released the single “Fine Mess” and is currently touring their six-studio recording LP titled Marauder. They have been touring across Europe, and the United States. Soon they will be heading to South America then returning to the states and Europe in time for a handful of music festivals to continue their world tour.

The main floor was packed with Interpol fans when I walked in. I was blown away by the different age variations of people in the crowd. For some reason the taller folks were really concerned about my viewing ability and were really friendly and polite offering to move so I could see. The crown was prepared for their Interpol experience with their beer in hand.

Sunflower Bean kicked the night off by opening the show. This band also hails from New York City (Brooklyn). The trio is made up of Julia Cumming (vocals and bass), Nick Kivlen (vocals and guitar), and Jacob Faber (drums). The band is touring with Interpol to promote their brand-new EP King of the Dudes. I was really disappointed to miss them; due to my comute thanks to Minnesota’s February weather. They are a part of some really great upcoming summer music festival line ups.

The crowd roared as Paul Banks (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Daniel Kessler (lead guitar), Sam Fogarino (drums), Brandon Curtis (keyboard), and Trad Truax (bass) walked out on the stage dressed up in their black and gray suits. They opened with a very dramatic bass synth note that held for a few measures. All of a sudden there was a laser show orbiting below the palace’s large façade. The light reflecting off of the disco ball shinned into the audience as the band played Pioneer to the Falls. The crowd clapped along to Public Pervert and Take You on a Cruise. The audience cheered and were excited to hear the song Complications and If You Really Need Nothing from their newest release Marauder often played and supported on Minnesota’s 89.3 the Current radio station. During transitions of songs the crowd went wild recognizing the intros to the next songs. I felt as I was part of a religious journey of Interpol fans, dancing and singing the words to almost every song.

The music, disco ball, lights, and fog balanced everything together really well. At moments I was inspired by the production and lighting of some of the intimate moments, and others futuristic New York rock club likeness. The band finished and was called for an encore. They returned and played three more songs. The last song was the much-anticipated classic Evil. As the crowd left the theater back into the snowy streets of St. Paul, there was a feeling of stillness and awe from what had just been experienced.

Setlist : Pioneer to the Falls / C’mere / If You Really Love Nothing / Public Pervert / Roland / Complications / Say Hello to the Angels / NYC / Take You on a Cruise / The Rover / Number 10 / Rest My Chemistry / Flight of Fancy / The New / All the Rage Back Home / Slow Hands

Encore:Lights / Not Even Jail / Evil