Iggy Azalea To Light Up The Mystic Showroom on December 2


Iggy Azalea came to America to “Work,” and it’s paid off — in just a few short years, the young Australian rapper has gone from teenage runaway to international sensation with her street smart brand of neo-feminist rap. Ditching her Aussie accent in favor of a Southern drawl, Azalea pays homage to the Dirty South at her live shows, hyping up crowds with twerk-heavy performance of songs like “Bounce” and rolling out special Southern guests like Atlanta son T.I. Her 2014 full-length debut stands as one of the year’s most anticipated releases, and the New Classic Tour — her first ever in North America — is sure to contain all the energy and attitude that have made her one of rap’s fastest rising young stars.

There are still a few tickets available to see Iggy Azalea live at the Mystic Showroom on December 2. Tickets are available online through the Mystic Showroom. For additional information on upcoming shows, be sure to check outline Mystic Showroom online.