Hungry Hungry: Hippo Campus Takes The Armory On April 23rd


Hippo Campus will be coming home to the Twin Cities at the Armory on April 23rd! They will be joined by the music group Ginger Root. Bout to get real hip up in here, so please get your tickets as soon as possible HERE because this show is going to be great. 

Ginger Root is a music project based out of the Cali area; often described as as a similar indie sound to Vulfpeck and Feist, they are self-described by frontman (Cameron Lew) as “aggressive elevator soul” music; I am beyond curious! Sign me the hell up. Their most recent EP came out in August of 2021 called City Slicker; check it out!

Joining the Root of Ginger will be the main act and local celebrities Hippo Campus. As soon as I started writing this article, hits like “Bambi” and “Way It Goes” were stuck in my head; haven’t heard those yet? Be careful – they won’t leave your brain. Ever. 

Hippo Campus was founded in the Twin Cities as an indie, dare I just say hipster band, and has had a bit of a cult following for as long as I can remember. Their hits are ample and if you haven’t checked them out, you’re in for a treat and should start with their most recent album LP3 which dropped just about a month ago. 

This is gonna be a good one! Don’t miss out.