Holidae CD Release Party at the Icehouse – 4/22/2016


Pretty much every day I get an e-mail from public relation reps telling me about this or that band and that they are the next IT band. Many times I walk out at the end of the show and think: “Well, it was good, but “IT” level? Not so sure about that”. I am happy to report that Minneapolis band Holidae it IT in my book! I am not alone in that. They won the Star Tribune’s Are You Local competition, got to play at SXSW and get quite a bit of attention from local radio stations. The release show of their debut album “Tantrum” was held at the Icehouse yesterday. I had to rush over from a show at First Avenue (thank you Bob Mould for being a timely fellow) so I missed much of Sofia Eris and Mancita’s DJ set but luckily caught the last 1 1/2 songs. The crowd was pretty much in the groove when I got there. The last song had enough energy for Sofia to just drop the mike (by accident, it was returned).

Manchita introduced Holidae and called for a moment of silence before their set before announcing: “They are going to do things to you!” The duo of Ashley Gold and Garrett Neal burst on the scene last year with “Darkest Shade”. Their music is danceable and their branding as a band is quite well put together. Masks on glow sticks were handed out before the show and used, they bring their own lights (the Icehouse has pretty good ones), and everything from logo to band outfits is thought out. Ashley Gold’s vocals are clear and invoke a dreamy quality at times. Her stage presence is very good and she does make eye contact with the audience (photographer’s pet peeve, I know). They instrumentation is, well not boring. I have seen many synth pop were songs just seem to blend together. Each of Holidae’s songs as a distinct feeling. “Burning Up” was just song of the day at the Current and is a great dance song. “Andromeda” is almost chill and has a spacy vibe. Overall I really enjoyed seeing Holidae live for the first time. I am certain we will see quite a bit more from them!