Hall of Fame Inductees Kraftwerk Bringing 3-D To State June 1


German techno pioneers Kraftwerk will play the State Theater June 1.  Tickets and details can be found HERE.

Few bands can be called Iconic.  Kraftwerk certainly should be.  The band has not only survived half a century, its influence on electronic/techno music cannot be overstated.  Nowadays we take for granted so many of the studio tricks that allow the blending of human and machine music.  In 1970, none of that existed.

It didn’t stop Ralf Hutter and Florian Schneider from creating their vision.  Their Dusseldorf base of operations, Kling Klang Studios, became the epicenter of the electronic scene.  From Bowie to the European Dance Hall, the California Rave to Hip Hop, Pink Floyd to The Cars to Devo.  None of it happens without Kraftwerk planting the seed.

A lot of fans and critics have known that for years.  It may have taken 7 tries to finally be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but in 2021 Kraftwerk finally was honored in the way it was due.

Expect an extravaganza, well outside the 9 dots.  You can join the other adventurous fans as we all have Fun Fun Fun On The Autobahn.