Gully Boys Prove They Are Here To Stay With Great Sunday Night Show


It’s getting colder and colder out which is making it harder and harder to leave the apartment every day. Yes, I know I signed up for this weather when I moved up to Minnesota over ten years ago and I know that by buying a house, I am signing up for even more of it but when you live in a city with such an amazing local music scene, how could you ever let the bitterly cold weather stop you. After bundling up, I made my way downtown for Sunday night’s show and was instantly greeted by the warmth of a cozy music venue, packed crowd, and amazing vibes and music. Leaving the warmth of your own house in the winter in Minnesota is rough but if you find things that make it worth it, it gets a little easier.

Purple Orange Beach opened up with show. All I knew about P.O.B. was that is was a side project of Doomtree member and local rapper P.O.S and that’s all I needed to know. Stef, AKA P.O.S, is a genius and I’m not trying to flatter here. He’s a co-founder of Doomtree and just an all around smart guy in music and beyond. It was no surprise to me that he started a project that was nothing like his rapping yet just as amazing. The stage was set with just a laptop looking contraption that was nothing more than buttons and wires. Stef took the stage and instantly starting messing around with those wires and buttons creating a soundscape that reminded me of what I think a basement rave would feel like in the U.K. It was definitely different and I’m not quite sure it was my cup of tea but watching him create infectious beats right in front me was captivating to say the least. Although watching Stef create was great, it was his attitude and personality that was the big selling point of the set. There were times when his instrument (is that even an instrument?) weren’t working but instead of being embarrassed or frustrated, he made it into a chance to check in with the crowd. It was so real and so fun that the idea of having to walk back to my car in the frigid temperatures was not even a though in my head anymore.

Following the innovative and interesting set by Purple Orange Beach was an equally intriguing and captivating set from Marijuana Deathsquads. I’ve covered these guys a couple of times in the past so I’ll spare you from repeating myself when it comes to what these guys are but just a quick refresher– some guys hunched over a table covered with computers, chords and sampling pads combined with distorted, unrecognizable words and multiple drummers. Yes, pure chaos, constant noise and a sound that I just can’t get enough of. It had been a couple of months since I caught these guys last so being able to catch them on a sleepy Sunday night was a treat. Joined on stage by drummer Nadirah McGill of headlining act Gully Boys, Marijuana Deathsquad’s set felt familiar but was also completely different than the past couple of times I have seen them. Always innovating and pushing the boundaries of what sound can do and what it should actually sound like, I could see how people may hate this group but I find a strange sense of peace in their constructive chaos. Much like Purple Orange Beach’s set, I found myself completely captivated by not only the three drummers who never missed a beat, but also by the guys surrounding this little card table that looked like a complete mess to me. What looked like a mess to me was a collection of their tools used to make some amazing music and watching that unfold just feet in front of me… well clearly you just have to see these guys to really understand what I’m getting at.

Closing out the Sunday night was show Gully Boys- a local trio that has taken the scene by storm and is quickly winning over my heart. A little poppy, a little indie, a little garage and a whole lot of passion, Gully Boys refuse to be put into a box as far as their genre is concerned and that is drawing them a lot of attention from all over the local music scene. Beyond their sound is their amazing come-up story. None of the members of Gully Boys knew how to play their instruments about three years ago. I suppose you could say that every band has to start somewhere but there’s something extremely special about the members of this band and the clear talent they all possess. You can see all of the hard work that each of these three members have put into their craft and it’s obviously paying off.

The audience was eating it up and dancing along to the beat while some were even singing along. There was a feeling of respect and love that could be felt throughout the venue and I loved the vibe I was getting. Everyone just wanted to support this young band but that feeling of support wasn’t being forced like I’ve experienced at other local shows. I think people genuinely want to see this band succeed and will do anything to make that happen even if it means leaving the warmth of your home on a bitterly cold Sunday night. You can tell that Gully Boys have the sound and talent it takes to make it to the next level but it isn’t until you witness the way they are received by crowds that you really realize just how far this band has the potential to go.

Sunday night’s show was one of five for this band in the 7th Street Entry. Their Sunday night winter residency was a bold move not only because of the weather and holidays but because of playing every week for a month straight. I was worried what this would do to their audience but, based on the fact that the Entry was packed last night, any worry I had was laid to rest. Gully Boys did a fantastic job of curating each show with well known locals that span across all genres. From a night with pop songstress Lydia Liza to last night’s showing with genre-bending electronic music, Gully Boys have treated this residency with the same sense of perfection and thoughtfulness that is put into their music.

I could have stayed home and pulled a sick card last night. It honestly crossed my mind a couple of times throughout the day but I signed up for this weather. I signed up for the cold and I signed up for the job and going out and seeing live music. It’s bands like Gully Boys that make it all worth it.