Graveyard Club at The Cabooze – 6/11/2015

Graveyard Club @ The Cabooze (6/11/2015)

Graveyard Club played at The Cabooze on Thursday evening with a set that was extremely retro in style to the classic 80’s sound. While being retro in nature, their sound and delivery was uniquely different. This really pulled the light crowd into the groove and wrapped them up for an impressive great time.

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Graveyard Club is fairly new to the Minneapolis/St Paul music scene, though you would never have been able to tell. From the bands Facebook page:

In the fall of 2013, Graveyard Club recorded a batch of spooky, synth-laden 80’s pop songs in the basement of a 19th century mansion in St. Paul, MN. Originally comprised of Matthew Schufman (vocals, keys) and Michael Wojtalewicz (guitar), the band expanded to include Cory Jacobs (drums) and Amanda Zimmerman (bass, backing vocals). The band draws influences from 50’s crooners, 80’s new wave and modern day dream-pop bands. There is also a heavy dose of spooky nostalgia, inspired in part by an unlikely source: Ryan Gosling’s underrated band, Dead Man’s Bones.

After the January 2014 release of their lo-fi first EP “Sleepwalk”, the quartet wrote and recorded their first album, “Nightingale” with Ed Ackerson at Flowers Studio in Minneapolis. “Nightingale” was released in September of 2014, pushing the sound established on “Sleepwalk” into new directions while retaining some of the dark, haunted appeal. The LP featured singles “The Night is Mine”, and “Into the Dark”.

Graveyard Club can be found at:

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