Erykah Badu’s Special Magic To Hit The Armory 10/13


Legendary singer, songwriter and actress Erykah Badu will bring her special kind of magic to the Armory on Wednesday, October 13th. The Grammy winning artist brings her live band which blends elements of R&B, funk and soul to create a unique sound.

There is perhaps one story that explains Erykah Badu’s cyclical outlook on her album, New Amerykah Part Two: Return Of The Ankh, and it involves a visit to a Santeria priest in Cuba in 1999. Dressed for the occasion, Badu wore an all-white dress and, despite the humid weather, her signature towering head wrap. As she sat on the dusty sidewalk waiting to enter the house of Ifa, a young man who could best be described as curious looking barreled down next to her, popped open a can of beer, lit a cigarette, and began making small talk to another guy who Badu assumed was also waiting for a reading. Soon after, the house door opened and a charming old lady welcomed her; the young man, dressed in white cut-off denim shorts and a faded American sportswear jersey, followed them into the house.

Uncertain of his reason for being there, Badu became reserved and uncomfortable with the idea of someone else sitting in on her reading. And then it dawned on her: This young man was the priest. He came from a long line of respected priests. He didn’t have to wear fancy garments, or signal his faith with outward expressions. He just was. From that moment on, Badu’s head wrap came off — both figuratively and literally.


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