Epic Night Of Rock With Jinjer At The Fillmore Saturday Night


If you drove past the Fillmore Minneapolis on Saturday night, chances are you could see the building trembling from the incredible amount of ass kicked inside of it by three hard core musical conglomerations. Jinjer, All Hail The Yeti and Suicide Silence rocked with more intensity than the Space X capsule reentering the atmosphere.

First up was southern California based  All Hail The Yeti. With a new album due out in mid November, they brought lots of fresh material into their set Saturday night. All Hail The Yeti have an original sound, hard to pull off in this genre. The stage props and makeup made their production a true larger than life rock show.

Next up on Saturday night was Suicide Silence, rockers based on Riverside, California. With a Pantera like vibe and a smattering of punk,  Suicide Silence hit the lucky folks who showed up early with a fusillade of guitars and vocals. With waves of devastation, songs would slow down only to reengage in an enormous rifftastic sonic punch. Singer Eddie Hermida hit highs that Ronnie James Dio would be proud of. They played a bunch of tunes off their latest release Become The Hunter.

When Jinjer hit the stage around 9:30, the crowd was on fire. Opening with “Call Me A Symbol”, they wasted zero time going nuclear. Pounding drums, throbbing bass and otherworldly vocals joined in holy matrimony with distorted power chords that sent the Fillmore into the stratosphere. Lights flashed, audience members screamed in delight as the band ground through the opener from their latest release Wallflowers. 

Most of the set consisted of tunes from Wallflowers, though they did play selections from Micro and Macro. “I Speak Astronomy”, “Sleep Of The Righteous” and “Perennial” were just a few of the highlights from the set. The light show was rave level awesome, the Swedish House Mafia would have been jealous. 

Saturday night was an epic evening of rock, with faces melted, eardrums shattered and necks sore from a Twin Cities Marathon worth of head banging metal.