Deer Tick kept it exciting at the Cedar Cultural Center


What do you get when an alt-rock band from New England and a musical comedian join forces during a Minnesota autumn? A sold out, fun as hell, Friday night.

The Cedar Cultural Center was filled to the brim with fans of all ages, taking breaks from basking in the unusually warm October Friday to see a show that none of them would soon forget. Since the show was sold out, the non-profit venue was packed almost as soon as doors were opened. As I made my way into the doors I quickly checked out (and convinced myself not to buy) all of the merch before settling into my spot towards the front of the crowd.

Up first was comedian Chris Crofton with the Alcohol Stunt Band. Having played with The Black Keys and Rocket From the Tombs, I knew I was in for a treat and some major laughs. I didn’t end up disappointed, and clearly the audience was in agreement with me as we all laughed and cheered together while waiting for the main act to hit the stage.

Deer Tick started the show with the “Acoustick” set, featuring songs from the first of their two new albums, “Deer Tick Vol. 1.” The songs showcased their more folk-y side and brought the crowd together with heartfelt sing-alongs and subtle shoulder shimmying. Crowd favorites seemed to be “The Dream’s in the Ditch” and “Only Love,” both of which had the crowd radiating excitement and admiration. The final song of their first set, “Manage” came to a close and everyone waited to see what would happen next.

The band quickly transitioned to rock ‘n roll mode and began their “Deer’lectrick” half of the show. This felt more like the Deer Tick I know, dancing around themselves onstage and bringing true upbeat fun to the room. “Wants/Needs” followed immediately by “Funny Word” had myself, and the rest of the crowd, lost in a trance of excitement and admiration for the phenomenal musicians before them. After the set ended they came back for a few final songs and left the evening on a high note (of course!)

Deer Tick reminded me that music can be both fun, calming, and exciting all at once and that even if its super nice outside, some things are worth being inside for.