Deer Tick Brings The Mayonnaise Concerts To The Fine Line On May 8

Deer Tick is an alternative rock group from Boston, MA. With influences from all genres, their fanbase is widespread and diverse. Every time they come through the Twin Cities (which is surprisingly often!) the whole scene gets so excited. It always feels like something big is coming… and this time is no different!
They released a third new record called “Mayonnaise” in February. It was full of new songs, covers, alternative versions of older songs, and so much more, and was released as an extension to their albums “Deer Tick Vol. 1” and “Vol. 2.”
On this tour, titled “The Mayonnaise Concerts,” they’ll be playing songs spanning their entire career. Opening act, Courtney Marie Andrews, is sure to impress. Her songs speak to the loneliness of life, both in general and on the road. She has years of experience touring and gained lots of popularity following her album “Honest Life” in 2016.
These heavy hitting acts will be making their way to the Fine Line on Wednesday, May 8th at 7PM. Tickets are still available, for now, so buy them HERE