Dead Cross to play First Avenue on 9/19


Punk-supergroup may sound like an oxymoron, but in Dead Cross’ case if it sounds like a punk, and acts like a punk, it is a punk supergroup.

Dead Cross emerged out of a series of impractical schemes, fallen-through plans, and last-minute musical experimentation. Shows were scheduled before a single song was written, fans were formed before even one show was played. The chaos of its creation seems apt; after all, the band is comprised entirely of artists who have thrived playing tightly-coiled turmoil—intelligent dissonance disguised as disorder. Consisting of Dave Lombardo, Justin Pearson, Michael Crain, and Mike Patton, the impressive, expansive, and eclectic list of prior bands collectively played in would be enough to ensure the unyielding ferocity of the music…

Fresh off a performance at Riot Fest. Dead Cross will be at First Avenue on 9/19. Some tickets are still available HERE

Photo Credit:  Rich Cook

Tour Dates:

Sep 12 Gramercy Theatre New York, NY

Sep 13 Warsaw Brooklyn, NY

Sep 14 Douglas Park Chicago, IL

Sep 15 Saint Andrews Hall Detroit, MI

Sep 16 Riot Fest Chicago, IL

Sep 17 Turner Hall Ballroom Milwaukee, WI

Sep 19 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN

Sep 20 Liberty Hall Lawrence, KS

Sep 23 Ogden Theatre Denver, CO