Dancing Keeps Us Warm At The Fine Line Thanks To Electric Guest


One thing that I tend to notice when walking up to the Fine Line are the performers’ vehicles parked on 4th Street. A big tour bus with an equipment trailer? A ragged old van? For last night’s Electric Guest show we had to newer model vans, if I had to guess the Mercedes Sprinter for them and the Doge for the opener Soleima.

The show was sold out and there was a good sized crowd on hand for Soleima. Her drummer walked on stage with a long winter coat – maybe the winter chill had made its way into the Green Room? Maybe Minnesota winters are harsh even on Danes? Either way, nobody stayed chilly long as Soleima combined upbeat sound with lyrics worth paying attention to capture the crowd. Her latest single “Roses” for instance? “Yeah, are roses red and the violets blue?/ So what the fuck did you think that you could do?/ Change me, really?”. With her debut album coming later this year, look out for her.

Electric Guest’s third album “Kin” is their first major label album, but the duo are not exactly newcomers with plenty of writing and producing credits to their names. The new album builds on the indie pop sound of their first two and adds some R&B Influences. Electric Guest’s appeal was apparent not only in the sold out show but also in how wide an age range the audience covered. Singer Asa Taccone greeted fans with the words “Thanks for coming out, it’s so cold, I wouldn’t come out to see myself”. Songs were lively, very danceable and fun. As he threw fake dollar bills into the crowd, he recalled the experience in different countries (Apparently Europeans and Canadians are more polite when it’s raining fake cash) “May I keep zee Dollar?” he quoted one German fan saying.
The rest of the set passed by in a flash with everyone at the Fine Line moving along to the beat.

Set List: Play With Me / The Bait / Get Out / Dollar / Waves / 24/7 / More / This Head 14 Me / My Omen / Zero / Devil / Dear To Me