Cut Copy Causes Severe Dance Music Alert At First Avenue


As I walked up to First Avenue I noticed something unusual. There was no line at the door, as a matter of fact there only was staff visible (and a few people in line for the Entry). As I walked inside, the staff outnumbered fans. I know we were under a Thunderstorm / Tornado watch but this was a bit weird.

Fortunately as Suzanne Kraft took the stage, more people started showing up and the audience grew through their set. The band is the alter ego of Diego Herrera who has made a name for themselves as one of LA’s brightest dance music talents. The set had a chill, shoegaze, vibe and drew in fans as they arrived. 

Cut Copy has been around a while. I remember coming back from a business trip to Seattle with Lady Gaga’s “Let’s Dance” and Cut Copy’s “Lights & Music” stuck in my head. I got Dad points by introducing my teens to Lady Gaga just a few weeks before she hit mainstream. Cut Copy, I kept for myself. 

The band has not lost its appeal since then. Fans covered a range from old guys, like myself, to the dreaded millennials (who are not to be blamed if Cut Copy is ruined) and a few Gen Z sprinkled in. 

From the very start of the set the complex layers in Cut Copy’s sound kept my attention. No matter how many times you hear a song, there always seem to be new details that emerge as I listen. One thing all their songs have in common is that it is hard to keep your feet still while listening. It’s the kind of music that will have you dancing (or at least swaying) no matter how talented you are at either. For a couple of hours, the only clouds we could see came from the fog machine, lightning was man made, and if there was a tornado, it was zooming around First Ave to the rhythm of the music and did not have time to touch down.

Set List: Standing In The Middle Of The Field / Feel The Love / Cold Water / Out There On The Ice / Let Me Show You Love / Love Is All We Share / Like Breaking Glass / Corner Of The Sky / Stars Last Me A Lifetime / Lights & Music / Saturdays / Sun God / Need You Now

Encore: Running In The Grass / Hearts On Fire