Cool Shows Next Week 7/9 – 7/15


Monday 7/9

Cut Worms at the Entry – TICKETS

This show kicks off Independent Venue Week  an event that got started in the UK in 2014 and running for the first time in the US this week. And who better to represent the Twin Cities than our very own First Avenue who have been fiercely independent for decades.

Despite a .300 batting average and a 63 mph curveball from the mound, Cut Worms’ Max Clarke was the black sheep of his baseball-centric, Midwestern family. He was drawn to the creative shadows, drawn to the basement 4-track and late nights in the art studio as much as he was the dugout. He had a born knack for conjuring warm sounds and fine images. His songs in particular crackle with the heat of a love-struck nostalgia: golden threads of storytelling, like visceral memories, woven together with a palpable Everly Brothers’ influence and 50s/60s naiveté. But the kid still has a pretty mean curve.

Tuesday 7/10

Boz Scaggs at the State Theatre TICKETS

“I’m at a point where I’m having a lot of fun with music, more than ever,” Boz Scaggs says about his spellbinding new album, A Fool to Care. “It’s like I’m just going wherever I want to go with it.”

You can hear that sense of fun, as well as that ability and willingness to wander in any musical direction throughout the album’s twelve tracks. The inspirational heart of those songs lies in the sounds of Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma that played such a vital role in shaping Scaggs’ musical sensibility, but they venture forth boldly from there, ranging from the seductive New Orleans rumble of the title track to the wry social commentary of “Hell to Pay” and a heartbreakingly wistful interpretation of The Band’s “Whispering Pines.”


Bell Witch at the Turf Club – SOLD OUT

Photo by David Choe

With their third full-length album, Mirror Reaper (Profound Lore, 2017), Seattle’s doom metal duo BELL WITCH have created a truly enormous work – one continuous 83-minute piece unfolding as a single track.

Engineered and mixed by veteran producer Billy Anderson (Swans, Sleep, Neurosis), the duo of Dylan Desmond (bass, vocals) and Jesse Shreibman (drums, vocals, organ) have pushed the band’s sound further than it’s ever gone before. While retaining the monolithic heaviness of their previous releases, Mirror Reaper sees the band explore the more meditative, melancholy, and introspective aspects to their sound through the introduction of long, lonely organ passages and the return of honorary BELL WITCH member, vocalist Erik Moggridge (Aerial Ruin), offering a prominent presence.

Thursday  7/12

Becky Rae Dalton at the Hook & Ladder TICKETS

Minneapolis singer/songwriter Becky Rae Dalton has gracefully emerged onto the Twin Cities music scene connecting with audiences through her powerful vocals, catchy lyrics, and authentic performances. After 16 years of writing and performing music, Becky Rae finishes a three year journey of creating her debut album Ready or Not.

Ready or Not brings you on a journey of truth, forgiveness, and love with this eclectic mix of indie folk, pop and country. “Love Him All The Same” begins the album in true country storytelling style that leads toward a beautiful acceptance. The upbeat, encouraging, indie pop title track “Ready or Not” awakens the inner child and energizes the soul. The gypsy pop in “Sunny Day” leads to the climax of bluesy guitars, layered vocals, and a wall of emotion. The tempo picks up with the whirlwind of new love on “A Little Longer” and ends the album reminiscing on letting love go with the alt/country tune “Ol’ Mississippi”.

Friday 7/13

Jeff Krause EP Release at the Icehouse TICKETS

Jeff Krause debut album “Naked & Hardhearted “ a stripped down acoustic feel with songwriting the fore front. Upright bass, acoustic guitar, fiddle, dobro, & harmonica give a classic folk vibe with modern writing & vocal Styling. Rooted in the tradition of classic Americana & Folk storytelling with a tip of the hat to blues & southern soul.

Jeff Krause pairs lyric-forward songs with a guitar style that moves from Acoustic coffee house strums to dusty bar Blues. Songs that are all too relatable about the ins and outs of love with a common thread of the persevering spirit. Inspired by lyric writing of the great such as Jason Isbell & John Prine and acoustic grooves of Amos Lee & Ray LaMontagne, Krause crafts songs that are suited for an intimate acoustic show or a full stage.

Saturday  7/14

Minnesota Waldorf School North American Roots Music Festival TICKETS

Minnesota Waldorf School’s 3rd annual music festival is a celebratory exploration of many great musical styles, including folk, bluegrass, gospel, and more. Headliners are Monroe Crossing, Ellis, Sawtooth Brothers, The OK Factor, Robert Robinson, The High 48s, Give Get Sistet, and Blue Groove.

Excellent music is not the only thing planned for this all-day, kid-friendly event. A craft beer garden, food trucks, curated vendors selling a broad scope of merchandise, and plenty of kid activities,will be set up on the school’s 8-acre campus

Sunday  7/15

Julien K at the  Amsterdam TICKETS

Amir Derakh and Ryan Shuck have been musical partners for 15+ years. During their time together they have weaved in and out of mainstream music like a constantly evolving musical fashion house. In the late 90’s they were responsible for massive radio and sales hits such as “Blind” (Korn), “Blue Monday,” ” Stitches,” and “Fiction” (Orgy), and recently “Crawl Back In” and “Let Down” (Dead By Sunrise, with their pal Chester Bennington). After enjoying years of traditional music business success, they have spent the last 10 years methodically moving away from the mainstream approach that put them on the map, opting to carefully steer their fans in a new direction, towards their new independent alternative electro rock project Julien-K – which sounds more at home with the likes of modern acts such as M83, The Kills, LCD Soundsystem, The Naked And Famous, Empire Of The Sun, and even The Black Keys (see Derakh’s sleazy electro-blues guitar playing on “We’re Here With You”).


Unsane at the Turf Club TICKETS

This show is part of Independent Venue Week

New York City’s UNSANE assisted in pioneering a more aggressive, less studied version of noise rock, one that blended the scum/art industrial sturm und drang of Foetus, the Swans, Einsturzende Neubauten, and Sonic Youth with a decidedly more straightforward hardcore idiom. While developing the blueprint for noise bands to follow, UNSANE cut a remarkable swath through underground music, inspiring a devoted, cult-like following around the globe. As a power trio, UNSANE relied upon a hammering, power-press rhythm section, a searing Telecaster howl, and distorted vocals that resembled a chainsaw cutting a steel beam.


Lauren Sanderson at the Entry TICKETS

Lauren Sanderson is a 22 year old alternative hip-hop pop artist from Fort Wayne, IN. She recently signed a record deal with Epic Records, moved to Los Angeles, CA and is currently finishing her third EP to be released and toured on in 2018.

Lauren has received a slew of acclaim– from Vibe to Billboard, Complex, NPR and more – for her DIY approach to hip hop, R&B and alt music with a disruptive and distinct positive personality that is all her own. She got her start recording and producing songs out of her bedroom, and developed a highly devoted fanbase all off social media (she even self-booked a whole sold out tour last year using her socials). Several singles from her self-released EP hit over 1 million streams on Spotify, which Lauren accomplished all on her own. Lauren just performed on the main stage at LA Pride.