Communist Daughter new album was worth the 6 years of wait – CD Release at First Avenue


Friday Night saw another show of strength of the Minnesota music scene. Communist Daughters may have gotten it’s start in Wisconsin, but their hearts will forever be in Twin Cities. 6 years after “Soundtrack to the End” the band released their new album “The Cracks That Built the Wall” with support from 3 great Twin Cities bands.

Catbath (Travis F., Crystal S., Kristin K., and Gravey G.) got things off to a fast paced start. Before they took the stage First Avenue seemed empty with folks hiding in corners like, uh…….. Cats sensing a bath? But the screams, yowls and scratching coming from the stage brought them out and numerous Meows and catcalls could be heard from the crowd through their set. The first time in First Avenue’s Mainroom they suggested a drinking game where each time they said thank you, everyone would have to take a drink. Their punk rock sound is a personal favorite of mine.
Set List: Ta-Da / Vacuum / Hoarder / Law of Average / Black Sand / Colorado / Casio / Jellyfish / Bop, Ooo

A dramatic change of pace and style was FRAEA the duo of Jessie Daley and Drew Preiner. Shadow Pop is their style and they brought both parts. Daley voice is soothing and dreamy floating above their danceable beats. Their set wrapped First Ave into a cloud of sound, smoke and dark lights creating a charmed bubble.
Set List: Awake / Run / Blindfold / Myth / Caaves / Trouble / Haunt / District / Criminal / Shore

And with a musical twist hard enough to make folks dizzy, Alpha Consumer started their set on a hazy, darkened stage with a Drone that lasted for several minutes. The trio is made up of J.T. Bates, Michael Lewis, and Jeremy Ylvisaker all accomplished musicians who have worked with several well-known bands. Alpha Consumer is their fuzzy (sound not fur), rocking love child. Their jamming guitars took over the venue and they managed to work the cords to “Purple Rain” into one of their songs.
Set List: Drone / Cry Bullets / Brain Doctor / Rock-N-Roll Plankton Unite! / Circular Room / You Ain’t Alone / Crown Salesman / Yellow Sun? / Don’t Forget To Dream? / Unicorn

By the time Communist Daughter’s set started the audience was warmed up quite nicely. Starting with “Hold Back” the title track of their new album, Communist Daughter began to weave their musical web. To quote Kevin Bowe, the producer of their new album: “Communist Daughter has everything I love about great bands,” answered Bowe. “First, a great songwriter. Second, great vocals. The sound is inimitable and perfect.”*
All those parts come together very nicely on stage supported by background graphics and great lights.  Add to that the feel of a hometown show and the appreciation the band had to headline First Avenue for the first time and you got yourself a pretty special evening. I enjoyed the vocal chemistry between Johnny Solomon and his wife Molly. Overall a great show and an album that should be on every music fans list to check out.
Set List: Hold Back / Beach Stalker / Soundtrack / Avery / The Killing Time / Keep Moving / Roll A Stone / Strange / Balboa / Not The Kid / All Lit Up / The Dealer / Speed of Sound / Oceans / Northern Lights / Ghosts

*Quote taken from Star Tribune article by Richard Morgan