Christian French Brought Good Vibes And Great Music To Minneapolis


A concert on Monday, name a better way to start off the week, I’ll wait.

With the warm weather gone and the snow yet again on its way. Plus, with it being a Monday, this show was the perfect thing to keep me going through my day. I have been looking forward to Christian French’s show since part two of the tour was announced and the three-month countdown to show time was finally coming to an end. 

Like any other show at the Entry, there wasn’t a terribly long, line but it seemed like everyone had shown up for doors in hopes of getting to be as close to the Bright Side of The Moon artist as possible. Everyone I talked to at the show was so nice and asked what your favorite French song was and how you got to know and love the artist. The man was a staple of every person in the room’s go-to playlists and it seemed like everyone in the venue had Christian French as their number one listened to artist of the year on Spotify. Just being in the room felt like you were hanging out with friends, all love no hate. 

The hour between doors and Rence’s set seemed to fly by with all the chatting and before I knew it the lights went low and a trio of men with silly hats and houseplants took the stage. The sold-out crowd filled the room with deafening cheers as Rence opened with his hit song baby blue.

Rence put on one heck of a show. It is safe to say the young artist knows what he is doing. He had the crowd involved from minute one, chatting with fans, even giving the bucket hats they wore out to fans throughout the show. Front to back and left to right people were jumping along and singing with the band. It was awesome I loved every minute of it. The small stage at Seventh Street was decorated with plants from his house, one even made its way into general admission to enjoy Christian French’s set. It was a fun opener and a one of a king show. Plus, the music was incredible. His voice in real life is just as good as it is on Spotify. I was blown away.

Rence said his goodbyes after blessing our ears with his hits and some of his new projects and it didn’t take long for the set to switch over for the main event.

The light went dark over the crowd and that iconic crescent moon lit up as the room was filled with a gorgeous guitar riff. Everyone screamed. It was time.

Chrisitan French took the stage to his hit song “breaking all the rules” running from one side of the stage to the other high fiving every lucky fan close enough. Minneapolis was excited to see the man and he looked just as excited to be on stage for us. The energy all night was amazing. It was an energy you can only get at Seventh Street. Every fan knew every word and wouldn’t trade their ticket for the world and you could tell Christian French was thankful for each and every one of them. Classics from French’s discography like Love Ride and By Myself stirred fans into a frenzy just as much as his newest songs like Crowded Room and Time Of Our Lives did.

The minutes flew by as gorgeous guitar riffs paired with incredible vocals filled our little venue and in what felt like both a blink of an eye and an eternity at the same time, the show was over. French thanked the crowd, telling us about how he dreamed of moments like this since he was young and how grateful that he is for each and every one of us coming out to support him. He left, the lights went dark and the “One more song” chant shortly followed. 

No one wanted the night to be over and lucky for the fans, it wasn’t. From the darkness, another guitar riff rang out over the venue met with a deafening and excited response. Fans jumped and turned to each other like a kid on Christmas morning seeing a giant gift under the tree. They were in for a treat as the beat to Bright Side Of The Moon filled the crowded room. 

Every second of Monday night’s sold-out show was filled with love and good energy, no one left without a smile on their faces and my friends and I could not stop talking about how amazing the night was. We really did have the time of our lives and we are all anxiously awaiting our chance to see him again.