Celebrate 21 Years Of ‘Oh Inverted World’ with The Shins at The Orpheum Theatre 9/10


It’s hard to believe it has been twenty-one years since The Shins released ‘Oh, Inverted World’ but it’s fact so come out and celebrate the big 2-1 on Saturday, September 10th at The Orpheum Theatre!

The Shins are a Grammy-nominated American band formed by James Mercer in Albuquerque, NM in 1996. Their debut full length, “Oh, Inverted World” caused a seismic shift in the indie rock world upon its release in 2001, singlehandedly ushering in the modern era of the genre. With six full length albums released to date, including The Worm’s Heart which is comprised of “flipped” or alternate/opposite versions of each of the original songs on Heartworms, the band continues to redefine and push the boundaries of indie and alternative music.

Special guest Joseph will be opening up what is sure to be a beautiful night of music!

Tickets are still available HERE!