Catch First Avenue’s Best New Bands 1/4 at – You Guessed It – First Avenue


2018 may not have been your best year (or mine) but it was a hell of a good year when it came to Minnesota music. Come see some of the best on Friday, January 4th at First Avenue’s Best New Bands of 2018 Concert. The night will be hosted by Andrea Swensson from the Current, Jordan Alamat from GO Radio, and Sylvia Jennings from Radio K.

Tickets are still available here.

I don’t even know where to begin with the amazing line-up they have curated for fans but performers include:

Annie Mack- Annie Mack has built a reputation for writing meaningful, relate-able and inspirational songs. Live, she delivers her songs with power, soul and conviction. A dynamic vocalist and charismatic performer, she takes the audience on a journey; from velvet lined melodic depths to exciting, gritty, full bodied church hollers.

The Carnegies- The Carnegies are about REAL, authentic music that today’s modern generation has seemed to have forgotten. Roman Mars: Bass, Royce Mars: Guitar, Brandon Cox: Drums, Owen Hiber: Guitar. In memory of Taylor Tolle, founding member of The Carnegies.

Faith Boblett- Faith Boblett is the product of her upbringing. Surrounded by music, and raised by parents that actually met each other in a band, Faith started singing at a very young age. After her family moved to a small town in rural Minnesota, Faith began playing guitar and writing her own songs at thirteen.

Gully Boys- A band I’m stoked to finally see- Born from passion, Kathy, Nadirah and Natalie make up the Minneapolis 3-piece that Gully Boys is today. Gully Boys’ melodic tunes and raw lyrics make it hard to believe that in 2016, none of them knew how to play their instruments. Drawing inspiration from a multitude of musical back grounds, Gully Boys transcends genre. Through hard work, diligent practice, and fresh enthusiasm, Gully Boys released their first LP, Not So Brave, on August 12, 2018 and later topped City Pages’ annual Picked To Click poll in November.

Scrunchies- Scrunchies is a Minneapolis-based punk rock supergroup featuring Laura Larson (Kitten Forever), Bree Meyer (Double Grave), and Danielle Cusack (Bruise Violet, Tony Peachka). 

Static Panic- Hailing from Minneapolis, their debut EP Chrome is a deliciously honest look into sexuality and self- discovery. From the broken-hearted synthrock stylings of “Anthem Of The Lost,” to the heavily Prince-inspired seductions of “The Crazy Thing,” this collection of songs is unapologetically brazen and aims to get your blood pumping. The catchy melodies and pop sensibilities of “Lose You To The Night,” and “Feel It,” convey versatility and an eagerness to breach a social barrier of coping with social anxiety and relationships torn asunder by space and time. Static Panic presents a vivid, visceral set of images and themes consistent with a universal experience throughout the course of the journey we call Chrome.

Yam Haus- A personal favorite of mine- Forming after years of making music in the Midwest, the group’s love for punchy pop, old-school rock and roll, sensitive folk, and the beat of hip hop brought their debut album Stargazer to a unique sound with relatable lyrics and a sincere heartbeat. With elements of synth pop, bubble guitars, and catchy vocals the group’s top priority is to give permission to the audience to have fun. “It’s fun and carefree. It’s our job to provide people who work everyday jobs, or who are swamped with homework and life with an opportunity to let go and smile, maybe for the first time in a long time. We don’t take that lightly.