Catch First Avenue’s Best New Bands 1/25 at… You Guessed It… First Avenue


First Avenue’s Best New Bands event will take place on Saturday, January 25th. It’s always a great mix of genres and truly the best local acts from each genre so make sure to come out early and stay all night and enjoy some of the best music the cities have to offer!

The line-up this year consists of:

FruitPunchLoverBoy- FruitPunchLoverBoy is from Bloomington, Minnesota. He has always liked writing and has always been very vulnerable with himself. His sound sometimes feels like a combination of musical influences and is often inspired but unwilling to recycle old patterns he want to move forward and think different always.

Green/Blue- New band from The Blind Shake’s Jim Blaha with Birthday Suits guitarist Hideo Takahashi and former Soviettes members Annie Sparrows and Danny Henry. High energy rock n roll from Twin Cities lifers!

Loki’s Folly- Loki’s Folly is two sisters from South Minneapolis who like to play loud music that makes them happy and sometimes causes a little mischief. Annie (guitar, vocals) is inspired by a wide variety of musicians and musical styles. Music is her passion and release. As a young child, her favorite Lord of the Rings characters were the Orcs. Nissa (drums, vocals) has always loved drumming on all the things. She is passionate about style, gaming, and life and does a mean Gollum impression.

The Mae Simpson Band- The Mae Simpson band is pure energy and soul. The singer-songwriter Mae, who hails from South Carolina, has a huge voice and stage presence. She has brought together a collective of seven musicians who each bring a unique flavor to this powerhouse group. Formed in the fall of 2017, Mae Simpson Band have built a broad collection of original music that refuses to fall neatly into a single genre. Blistering funk and dance music mixed with soul, blues, country, calypso, jazz, rock, and even a little hip hop — bringing the crowd to their feet every time.

Muun Bato- Muun Bato (pronounced: moon-bah-toe) delivers a sound packed full of melodic-trippy-sonic-pop-rock, inherently bright & colorful, yet at times, dark & moody. The band materialized in the summer of 2018 when Joe Werner (First Communion Afterparty, Driftwood Pyre, Bridge Club) & Andy Iwanin (Basement Apartment, The Pitchafits) were rehearsing for a one-time collaboration show in Minneapolis. The improvised guitar & drums could well have been finished songs. The perfect chemistry sprouted an insatiable appetite to write songs together.

Nur- D- (A personal favorite of mine)- Nur-D (noun) : What happens when you take a comic book enthusiast, pro wrestling mark, and over all geeky individual and throw him in a Rap cypher.

Under Violet- Under Violet is led by Sara Bischoff (Web of Sunsets/Heavy Deeds), joined by members of Invisible Boy. Inspired by a mix of Mazzy Star and vintage country, the music is dreamy and spacious, creating a folk-rock glow for projecting minimal and dark portraits.

The night will be hosted by Andrea Swensson (of 89.3 The Current), Jordan Alamant (of Go Radio), Emma Chekround (of Radio K) and Katie Powers (also of Radio K).

Tickets are still available HERE!