Broncho smokes the Entry – 6/16/2016


Oklahoma’s Broncho just released their new album “Double Vanity” and their tour stopped at First Avenue’s 7th street entry on Thursday. Their stage setup (clearly meant for larger venues) completely took over the Entry’s tiny stage with mirrors and lights.
Opening the night was LA dreampop band Winter. Made up of Samira Winter, Matt Hogan, David Yorr, and Garren Orr they started their set by gesturing the crowd closer to the stage. Any reserve the audience may have had disappeared quickly. The band sports the biggest array of guitar pedals I have seen in a while and their sound at times reminds me of a modernized Camera Obscura (which is a good thing). One song was dedicated to Samria’s cat. Overall a cool sounding, interesting band.

Before coming on stage, Broncho filled the stage and the entry with smoke and that’s the way it remained through the show. Band members Ryan Lindsey, Nathan Price, Ben King, and Penny Pitchlynn took to the stage to deep red lights. After some troubleshooting of cables (to the sound of a heavy synth background). The combination of smoke, lights and Broncho’s guitar heavy sounds turned the Entry into something very dramatic that would have been well at home on a movie set. Songs from their new album were a bit slower but still upbeat and had what Lindsey called “An emotional slow headbang.” I quite enjoyed the set, as did the fans and as they closed with “Class Historian” they left the crowd a sweaty and smiling bunch.