Bora York Brings New Music and Good Vibes to The Varsity Theater


Last time I checked it was Independence Day and now it’s the last week of July. This month has been crazy busy due to multiple weddings coming up early next month. With my mind reeling on the events that come along with wedding, concerts have been on the back burner. Our editor steered me in the direction of two local acts Bora York and Luna Luna. I had yet to cross paths with either of these two talents but after giving them a listen I knew they were right up my alley.

With most local shows the crowd gathers in the back of the venue and slowly creeps forward as the night goes on. However, with Luna, Luna concert goers were lined up against the stage. Luna, Luna’s soft vocals will pull you in and grasp your attention with her fist. With songs like Weakness, Michelle is honest and open with her lyrics. She sings about her wanting to trust someone but not knowing how to. Her lyrics reach many as they express the internal feelings many people don’t know how to speak aloud.

This was a farewell show for this Minneapolis native as she takes a risk with moving to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of performing. The indie pop singer was surrounded with family and friends as she sang her heart out Thursday night, who cheered for her. Talk about a sendoff!

Indie synth-pop band, Bora York, took the stage to a room full of fans cheering them on.  Their songs are written and produced by husband and wife Chris and Rebekah Bartels. The duo produces music that screams summer and keeps the energy rising as the night goes on. It has been three years since Bora York graced us with music, but the wait is over as the share their latest single, Glowing.

The lyrics written by both Rebekah and Chris are often very personal relating to topics such as their marriage and the people who have encouraged them. They know how to make music that takes over your bones and causes you to dance. The Varsity Theater was filled with people singing and dancing along with Bora York throughout their entire set. With each song the atmosphere continued to radiate positivity and good vibes.