The Blow and EMA will perform at the Turf club on 11/19


he Blow’s new album, Brand New Abyss, is a lightning rod. A wild assembly of frequencies produced out of a thrust of electroacoustic punk energy, the album is a search for a new sound of rebellion in an environment where the aesthetic of punk has been commodified into submission along with most everything else. Brand New Abyss was written and produced by The Blow (Melissa Dyne and Khaela Maricich) using a production rig that the duo painstakingly developed over the past four years; a mothership of patched-together modular synthesizers, ancient samplers and audio production gear.


Like wizards in a craggy laboratory, they worked in seclusion, teaching themselves to control the raw material of sound using basic elements of electronic synthesis. Their aim was to be able to channel frequency into new shapes that would be useful to them, like tools to break through the algorithmic limits they were growing bored of. Says Dyne, “After having worked heavily with a samples in the past we got to a place where we wanted to treat electronic sound more acoustically, like something more alive. We wanted to make waves that we could ride and play around in- newer waves.”

You will get a chance to see them live at the Turf Club on 11/19 supported by EMA and Minneapolis’ Itch Princess. Tickets are still available HERE

Tour Dates:

Nov 11 PhilaMoca Philadelphia, PA

Nov 12 Cuisine En Locale / ONCE Somerville, MA

Nov 13 3S Artspace Portsmouth, NH

Nov 14 Le Belmont Sur Le Boulevard Montreal, Canada

Nov 15 The Garrison Toronto, Canada

Nov 17 UFO Factory Detroit, MI

Nov 18 Empty Bottle Chicago, IL

Nov 19 Turf Club St Paul, MN

Nov 21 Duck Room at Blueberry Hill St Louis, MO