Arts Fishing Club Limit Out At The 7th Street Entry Friday Night


Live music is all about the experience. Feeling the bass and the drums hit your body. The energy you can almost see when a band is really vibing with the crowd. There is no better place in the Twin Cities to get that kind of experience than the 7th Street Entry, and no better band to vibe with than Arts Fishing Club. The Wisconsin native band has that unique blend of bluesy jammy rocking Americana goodness, fresh yet familiar. They brought all of that and more to a packed 7th Street Entry Friday night.

First up were the Nashville-based duo Homes At Night. The set was very well received by the Entry crowd Friday night. With an upbeat indie sound, the band had everyone jamming along right from the opening tune “Help You Unpack”. Starting off low key, the song deep dives into a gnarly guitar solo that had the walls of Entry reverberating. While their set was predominantly original material, they did throw in a killer cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”

Arts Fishing Club came out right at 10 and started off the set with a real banger “New York Heat”. The Nashville-based band kept the energy high and the Entry dancing with “Space Cow”. The band was really on, and frontman Christopher Kessenich engaged the crowd like the seasoned pro that he is. The band slowed it down for a couple of tunes, breaking out the acoustic to give the audience a little breather. They ramped the tempo right back up quickly, and the Entry showed their appreciation. 

Their set at the Entry Friday night felt more like a gathering of friends at a backyard barbeque than an official gig, with the experience of live music buzzing through the venue.