Andrew Bird Brings A Hit Filled Set To The Palace Theatre


While on tour supporting the release of his 2019 album “My Finest Work Yet” Andrew Bird made a stop at the Palace Theatre in St. Paul on the 27th of September. The set truly was made up of his finest work yet, with numerous classics as well as new favorites.

The night began with young folk singer Madison Cunningham taking the stage with her small 2 piece backing band. There couldn’t be, in my opinion, a better person to open the night for Andrew Bird. She comes across as a young embodiment of Bird, capturing his genre-breaking sound with the complements of beautiful vocal abilities. She played a rather short opening set, breaking out tunes from her upcoming debut album “Who Are You Now.” The songs she played take a look at the perils of young living and introduces the listeners to serious questions regarding love, life and everything in between. The album is certainly worth looking into as is any live shows of hers in the upcoming years.

Cunningham did not spend much time off stage after the end of her opening set. It wasn’t long until she returned as a member of Andrew Bird’s band. The group made a bold entrance, walking through a make-shift door before taking their respective places on stage. The band went right into a long instrumental song which was supported by Bird’s looper equipment. This creating a fantastic wall of sound which was larger than most sound barriers you’d stumble across at a concert. After solidifying the foundation of this wall, the band dove into a run of songs from the new album which included: “Sisyphus,” “Bloodless,” “Olympians” and more. Throughout his 2-hour long set (which happily could have been much longer) Bird managed to squeeze in every song off his record.

On top of this, Bird refused to shy away from the favorites fans fell in love with over the many years of his musical career. These included songs such as “Three White Horses” “Left-Handed Kisses” and “Capsized” which ended the main set. “Left-Handed Kisses” proved to be one of the highlights of the night as it showed off every member of the band’s musical ability. Bird and Cunningham exchanged versus with one another as the rest of the band complemented them with their respected instruments. The recording of the song features Fiona Apple, who’s vocal capabilities are some of the hardest to match. Madison Cunningham, however, proved more than up to the challenge. She brought her own unique power to her verses and didn’t shy away from belting out the chorus with Bird.

As the main set ended, the encore began. Bird and the band returned with four more songs which included a beautiful cover of Glen Campbell’s classic “Gentle on My Mind.” The show then ended with the playing of “Pulaski at Night.” As the wall of sound tore itself down, a new one was created made up by the chatter of fans happily recounting their favorite moments from the show.