An Interview with Salsa Del Soul playing the State Fair on 8/31


Emily Meenan had a chat with local Spanish speaking country-inspired nine-piece orchestra Salsa Del Soul to ask them about their roots, working together as a large group, and the State Fair!  Performing various styles of dance music from the Spanish-speaking regions of the Caribbean. Salsa del Soul was formed with the purpose to provide great dance music for Twin Cities Salsa fans. The musicians of Salsa del Soul represent some of the finest talents in the Twin Cities Latin music scene. The styles of music they perform include Son, Son Montuno, Plena, Cha-cha-cha, Bachata, Timba, and, of course, Salsa! Salsa del Soul performs locally at restaurants and bars, jazz and Latin festivals, private engagements, and other locations and events.

Check out their interview below and see them perform on the 31st at the State Fair for free! Details can be found HERE

You all seem to be very passionate about music in every aspect of your life. How did that come to be? What influenced you to become the musicians you are today?

Music has always been a very important part of our lives. Several of the band members have dedicated their whole professional lives to the art of making music, for others it represents a very important part of daily life, others come from musical families. As a group we have all been influenced by the great music and musicians who preceded us, and we have all worked hard and been dedicated to the evolution of our craft, whether that be by formal or informal means or some combination of the two.

Salsa Del Soul has a pretty big lineup! How did you all find each other? Do you ever have any bumps in the road since there are so many people who need to cooperate?

Our group was formed around the year 2000, and quickly popped onto the scene in response to a certain venue’s (The Times Bar and Café – for those who remember it!) need for a “Latin dance band” at the time….well we filled the need and then some!

You perform at many local venues and bars. What are some of your favorite spots to play in the Twin Cities?

So many venues over the years…currently our favorites and places where you can catch us on a weekend are: The Mediterranean Cruise Café in Burnsville and Lago Tacos Lynlake. As far as favorites we also really enjoy all the great summer outdoors venues that take place in the summer here in MN, especially the Fair!

You’ve been around for over a decade. How has the Twin Cities music scene changed since you got started?

The Twin Cities music scene has seen great changes, as we have seen the growth and maturation of much of the musical talent that has been forming the music scene for many years. Also, remarkable evidence of multi-ethnic and diverse genres of music have continued to develop and demonstrate our state’s character as innovative and creative. All this, unfortunately with a grave decrease in the number of venues that support live music, but that is another story…

You’ll be playing the Minnesota State Fair this year. Have you played the State Fair before? What are you most looking forward to about this opportunity?

We indeed have had the pleasure of performing at the Fair, and we really enjoy it! The most significant part for us is the opportunity to share our music with folks who might not necessarily have experienced our genre before and it is and honor and  pleasure to represent our genre in this way. The Fair is always really great at finding a way to represent the musical diversity of our state, and we are fortunate.

A few members are Minnesota natives. Have you always gone to the State Fair? What are some of your favorite memories and things that you look forward to during the fair? What’s your favorite fair food?

Hmm…well I can say the personally as a child who grew up in St. Paul and in close proximity to the fair I can recall my father waking my up at night and taking me to a local playground to watch the closing fireworks, that was always really fun – other than that, probably the Midway (as a kid, anyway). As far as food, well there ain’t nuthin like them cookies! ?

Finally, what should both longtime fans and newcomers expect and look forward to for your performance at the Minnesota State Fair this year?

It would be safe to say that the they will be presented with high-energy dance music featuring many styles of the Spanish speaking Caribbean presented by the most talented and experienced members of the Twin Cities’ music scene. Hopefully some newcomers will find new inspiration and generate interest in something “new”. All can expect a great show!

We also will be accompanied by a Latin dance group “Rueda de la Calle”, and so that will be great fun as well!