Amy Grant Performance Lovely At The State Theatre


Amy Grant came to the Minneapolis State Theatre and performed a wonderful concert with uplifting lyrics!  The 8-piece band didn’t need extra light banners or an extravagant stage background as their core talent was the focus along with the message of love and cheer for all those in attendance.  Amy walked out onto the stage showing her enthusiasm by opening her arms to the whole audience and smiling as wide as possible showing her love – with that, we knew immediately we were in for a wonderful show!  She opened the concert with hits of Stay for a While, Hope Set High, and Angels watching over Me while playing the acoustic guitar and captivating the audience with her twinkling eyes. 

There were many people in attendance that had seen her back in the 70’s while she was starting her music career.  Amy shared songs from many of her albums and stating that her first album was 45 years ago!  She has not missed a beat nor her passion of sharing her music and song writing.  She nearly broke out into a few dances during a few songs with a good beat – which drew the audience more into the songs.   It was great to hear background history of many of her songs while she gave quick monologs before many of the songs.  She was in no hurry and the attendees loved her stage spirit!  With her fun spirit, she opened the second half of her concert wearing relaxed jeans and bare feet – just to have a relaxed atmosphere and allow us to enjoy the music as if we were in a living room!  A sense of hush and reverence came over the theatre as the band paused while Amy sang El Shaddai with her acoustic guitar – allowing us to listen to her pure wonderful voice and capturing a moment in time that will never be forgotten.

Right before intermission, a very special presentation took place with a local Minneapolis organization named ‘Free Guitars 4 Kids’ that teamed up with Amy Grants band.  Terry, the founder of the organization, came up on stage with Amy and gave away Fender acoustic guitars to two surprised young children.  They had never played guitar before, and they cherished the new instruments!  Amy kept them up on stage to play their new guitars while the band performed a very fitting song titled ‘Children of the World’.

If you missed the concert, one can catch a future show as she continues to tour the United States.   The concert brings a message that we all can use today of love and hope.  As some attendees mentioned “this was one of the best concerts of the year” and “I never miss her concerts as they are so uplifting”! 

Amy left with a sense of ‘I will remember you’.  Thank you for the wonderful concert!