Alt-J & Friends Are Raiding The Armory On 3/20


Alt-J, Portugal, The Man, Sir Chloe – OH my! The Armory will be vibin’ on March 20th as these quality acts from around the globe together to make one heck of a Sunday night! Tickets are still available HERE but don’t waste any time; The Armory is doing that thing again where it keeps selling out shows!!!

Sir Chloe will be the opening act for us; An Indie-Rock band reigning initially as an east-coast solo-project, they are based out of New York, NY. Dana Foote is the star of the show leading vocals and being the OG creator of the act. Since then, the band has grown to a full-set situation and we are more than excited to get our first chance to see her here. We have a lot to learn here about their stage presence and set energy, but if you want to dive into their SoundCloud and social media check them out HERE

Second up on this evening we will have Portugal, The Man. Another Indie-Rock group reigning from Wasilla, Alaska – these guys and gals have been playing together since 2001 where they met in high school. The band hasn’t released any albums since 2017 (Woodstock) but that means so little – these hits are an all time classic and I have been relaxing to “Share With Me The Sun” since 2011. Outside of their music, the gang is super politically involved which has increased their following in a very unique way. 

And as the headline states- our final act will be Alt-J. From Leeds, England – while their tour might be advertising their 2022 album The Dream; My honest hunch is that they are trying to escape from the fact Leeds United is 16th in the Premier League 😉 #ToughLook – I digress! Known for their indie vibes like all of these other acts, Alt-J is now a trio of Joe Newman, Thom Green, and Gus Unger-Hamilton. If you don’t know these guys somehow already – “Breezeblocks” is the welcome mat I would lay down for any new fan; from there, it just gets better and better. 

Don’t miss out!