Leslie Rich & The Rocket Soul Choir will release “Kidder’s Son” EP at the Acadia Cafe on 4/22


Leslie Rich grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland during The Troubles and put his frustrations and beliefs into music. After moving to Minnesota in 2004 he continued to create music and 2017 finds him releasing his new EP “Kidder’s Son” with The Rocket Soul Choir on 4/22 at the Acadia Cafe (No Cover)

He formed the Rocket Soul Choir with long time friend, Jason Wahl (The Skullcranes, Sawbones) and Minneapolis stalwart, Pete Boulger (Grande Machine, Dander, Church Of Cash).
After being a permanent resident for 13 years, Leslie is finally going through the process of becoming a citizen. In the current climate of rhetoric around immigration and uncertainty, it has certainly thrown an interesting light on a process that is normally straightforward!
The Kidder’s Son EP was pulled together from an expanding catalogue of Leslie’s songs since leaving the Celtic band, Hounds Of Finn in 2014. Returning to Leslie’s rock and roll roots, the tracks revolve around fearlessness (Blindly Moving Anyway), not being fooled twice (Kidder’s Son), day-old love (Long Line Of Fools), spirituality (Kind Of A Love Song) and rejection (Qualified). It’s a hopeful and forceful record. Broken apart, production is spacious, but all the more potent for it.

Photo Credit: Crystal Liepa