Lake Street Dive at First Avenue – 3/10/2016


What a difference a day makes…….First Avenue had recovered from Wednesday’s debauchery, and a different but no less excited crowd filled the venue. Boston band Lake Street Dive’s tour promoting their newly released album “Side Pony”

The evening was started by The Suffers a 10-person self-described Gulf Coast Soul band from Houston, TX. Just having released self titled album they have built up quite the buzz with a tiny desk concert and several TV appearances. Fronted by charismatic singer Kam Franklin they drew a nice crowd and delivered a great set. Any marketing students in the audience should have taken notes on how to win over a crowd. Their music is funky with a modern sound with reggae and Latin influences. Judging by the line at the merch booth after their set their set was a smashing success.

Lake Street Dive has some roots in the Twin Cities were Mike Olson grew up and takes its name from the dive bars common on Lake Street. The show was sold out well in advance, as are most stops on their tour. “Side Pony” just hit number one of several billboard charts.
Starting with “God Awful Things” the band quickly set the mood. Singer Rachael Price has an outstanding voice and spectacular stage presence. Her vocal range is impressive and her smile can rival the stage lights. A shimmy here, a twirl of her long skirt there are well place and keep most eyes on her. Mike “McDuck” Olson (trumpet, guitar), Bridget Kearney (upright bass), and Mike Calabrese (drums) surrounded Price’s voice. The band borrowed The Suffers horn section for a song. Lake Street Dive’s roots may be in jazz but their sound is modern and upbeat.  Overall the set was energetic, classy and a joy to watch.
Set List: Godawful Things \ I Don’t Care About You \ Side Pony \ Stop Your Crying \ Clear a Space \ Better Than \ Spectacular Failure \ Saving All My Sinning \ Hell Yeah \ Close to Me \ Walking on Broken Glass (Annie Lennox cover) \ Mistakes \ Elijah Don’t Make Me Hold Your Hand \ So Long \ Rabid Animal \ Bad Self Portraits \ Seventeen \ Call Off Your Dogs Encore: What I’m Doing Here \ You Go Down Smooth

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