The Plott Hounds Pull Out All The Stops At Album Release Party At The Fine Line


With summer keeping the evening warm, the air had to be cranked down at The Fine Line to offset the hot performances scheduled for the evening on Saturday night. The Fine Line Music Cafe was the place to be for The Plott Hounds ‘Thirsty For Something’ Album Release Party.

The festivities started early with a special VIP Meet & Greet with the bands. Autographs, handshakes, hugs, and photos were all part of this great occasion. Soon after ‘The Plott Hounds Party Bus’ arrived at the venue that was packed with eager fans. As everyone filed into The Fine Line, the party and the performances were ready to kick-off in style.

20160618-The Plott Hounds-102

Emcee Paul ‘PT’ Thomas from BOB FM made some quick introductions and handed off the mic to get the performances rolling. The performances kicked off with Reverb Country Dusters. Their down-home southern style was a great way to start the evening. And the crowd couldn’t have agreed more, with many hitting the floor in front of the stage to take in a little dancing and moving about.

Next up, Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders, nailed a ‘get up off your ass’ set. Crankshafts smooth Americana sound had the crowd quickly on their feet. Things lit up when Crankshaft took an occasional ‘duck walk-like’ jaunt across the stage. The bands solid rhythmic style was a great lead in for The Plott Hounds taking the stage.

With a quick change of stage, it was time for The Plott Hounds to take the stage. At this point the crowd was well hydrated and eager to see the headliner for the evening. In a style all their own, The Plott Hounds kicked off their 15 song set with the well known ‘Southbound’. The cool thing about any Plott Hounds performance is the constant party-like atmosphere. Their concert performances seem to be more like a gathering of friends  … busting out the beer, toss in some whiskey, break out the instruments and turn up the tunes.The evening was top notch with a great mix of old familiar favorites and new favorites from their new album ‘Thirsty For Something’. Two or three songs into the set, and the crowd was easily heard singing  along. Musically solid and extremely crowd pleasing, The Plott Hounds performance was great time for all who were there.

The Plott Hounds continue to shine through and bring to light the need for more of that beer drinkin’, foot stomping, in your face Southern Rock, Americana-style music. Be sure to grab your copy of Thirsty For Something today and catch The Plott Hounds live … it’s a guaranteed GREAT time.