The 99ers will release their new album “Pop Rock Girl” on 7/22 at the Entry


The 99ers have been pumping out melodic punk rock for over a decade. As well playing live shows across and beyond the twin cities, they have released five albums on Spinout Records. In France one radio station played them non-stop for three days straight & they are also radio favorites in Argentina, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, France, Australia & Japan. After billions of calories expended (& replaced with libations) they are celebrating the release of their 6th album – Pop Punk Girl – at the Entry on 7/22. Tickets are still available HERE

They have lined up a ton of their friends to make a great evening of Minnesota music.Rudegirl (The Clash Tribute Band), Ripper, The Silverteens, a DJ set by Barb Abney,  and it will be hosted by Anthony Shore “The Minnesota Elvis”. All in all, this should make for a cool, interesting evening.