September Mourning and Pirahna Rock The Cabooze


Photos by David Rubene


Friday night at The Cabooze was a night for the books. The lineup featured a slew of bands from including local acts such as Piranha, as well as larger than life Los Angeles based transmedia project – September Mourning. Both of these bands brought the heat to The Cabooze – and it made for the perfect start to a snowy weekend in the Twin Cities.

Taking to the stage around 8:15 was Twin Cities based Piranha. This 4-piece metal band definitely got the crowd going with some good old fashioned face melting metal. There was no shortage of moshing during their set. Even as they were setting up they were engaging the fans, stooping down to talk to fans in front row, taking selfies and just having a great time. Piranha is made up of four dude and one bad-ass female bass player. They played through their 45 minutes set with energy and enthusiasm, clearly stoked on the vibe of Friday at The Cabooze. It was a great night for metal music on Friday.

“Minneapolis what up?!” frontman Jesse Maloney shouted part way through their set. “This is the best goddamn music scene. So many great fucking bands from this city and so many more great bands to come,” he mused. That was definitely the energy they played through their set with – stoked to be playing their hometown and stoked to be playing along so many solid bands. Each member of Piranha seemed to be having a blast on stage, engaging the fans and just rocking as hard as they could.

Up next was September Mourning, who Twin Cities Media had a chance to speak with prior to their stop in Minneapolis. Everything about September Mourning is big, loud, engaging, theatrical, and overall just riveting. From the moment they took to the stage, September herself dawned in a black hood, they had the crowd captivated. The audience was hanging on their every word and every move, as they rightfully should. September ditched the black robe revealing her all white attire. The contrast of September and the other members of the bands, simply visually, is something to see. There is a definite yin and yang to their entire aesthetic as well as musically.

Something unique and a little unexpected about September Mourning is the message of positivity and self acceptance that radiates through everything they do. From their music to their social media presence to their dialogue on stage. September Mourning brings a message of accepting yourself – your past, present and future self. But they do it while having fun, “Minneapolis, will you band heads with us tonight? We wanna have fun,” September shouted from stage before diving  into their set.

“Hello Minneapolis. Welcome to the soul collection. We are the reapers and tonight we demand three things from you – your soul, you skin, and you bones,” September beckoned before heading into their incredibly catchy track “Skin and Bones.” September Mourning was a refreshing addition to the evening. Their entire performance was polished. The vocals were solid, the staging was perfect, and the energy was 100%. September Mourning really is one of those bands you need to see live. They have one full length album under their belt, which made up the majority of the set. But from their A+ performance it’s clear there is much more to come from September Mourning.

At the artists request, TCM has been asked to limit the photos published