Pouya And Co. Tear Up A Sold Out Varsity


As seems customary with the Venue, the Varsity Theater, the like was wrapped around the block and then some. The line did well to set the vibe of the evening as a sold out show is always on a level far and away from those that don’t quite sell out. The youth were out this Friday night and a good chunk of them were packed into the Varsity for none other than the Underground Underdog himself Pouya. The Friday vibes helped elevate the atmosphere as most those over indulging would have the luxury of sleeping in the following morning. The flashing rainbow screen at the back of the stage was illuminated and the kids had swarmed the floor like insects to any source of light. The glitchy nature of its presentation did much to let the crowd know that at long last The Liquid Sunshine Tour had finally descended upon Minneapolis. 

The DJ hit the stage about a quarter to eight and the excitement went up another notch as the bass invaded the essence of everyone in the building. Hip hop really brings the people together the crowd appears almost communal in their moshing and bouncing. The first guy out was far from your average rapper but the crowd was there for him as much as anyone else. The DJ teases that Boobie Lootaveli, the first person billed and set to hit the stage, wouldn’t make it dude to an ankle injury sustained back stage but before his sentence was through he hit the stage. While his set was short his energy was there and the crowd loved him for it. 

A little Nu Metal was mixed into the DJ set with the first break between acts and it was almost more well received than the hip hop that had preceded it. The house lights dimmed at the request of the DJ and and Ramirez was announced. Hitting the stage in a casual manner his performance was anything but that. Hard hitting and bassy. As is customary with hip hop shows the energy only goes up with each performer and this was no exception. Between being on stage and at the barricade Ramirez had the crowd going. A brief check in with the crowd to make sure they were still with him was the only reprieve the audience got. Boobie Lootaveli joined Ramirez on stage for the second half of his set and two performers is always better than one. Or at least more hype. 

An second brief intermission followed and The lights dimmed. Pouya got the stage to the crowd chanting his name and the crowd did more than lose their mind. The rage was real and the most was even more real. Maneuvering effortlessly through his tracks of old and new he commanded the stage and the attention of every person in attendance. Multiple requests to open up the mosh pit were voiced and the crowd obliged without hesitation. They were rowdy and ready to party and so was Pouya. His set was blistering, his fast raps effortlessly floated across the super bass that is customary of southern hip hop. The skill of a premature veteran oozed as the show progressed and eventually climaxed leaving everyone with withdrawals as the dope dried up.