Cody Jinks Gives Mankato’s Sold Out Crowd the Show They Wanted


The first night of two shows that Cody Jinks performed at Verizon Center’s Grand Hall in Mankato took place for a SOLD OUT crowd on March 23rd.  The downtown area was very busy considering this show was sold out and the hockey game in the arena was sold out as well.  People were bustling about making sure they got to where they needed to go.  The lobby of the Grand Hall was very full and the people were still pouring in at a pretty good rate even when I got there at around 7.  There was quite the wide range of people there, but the funny part was seeing everyone putting their belts back on since they had to take them off to go through the metal detector.

Anyway, the crowd seemed to be hanging out in the lobby for the first few songs of The Steel Woods.  It filled up quick though after they started playing.  The Steel Woods had what I would consider to be the old style country sound.  It seems like country now is mostly pop of hip hop country, which just doesn’t have the same appeal to me.  The Steel Woods had songs that told a story and that story was more than drinking down by the river with a truck and a woman.  They played about an hour set, and there were many times when the crowd was cheering and getting up off their seats.  The Steel Woods was a great band choice to open up the show.

After a quick set change, Cody Jinks and his band took the stage.  From the moment he walked out, the crowd went crazy.  The band started playing the first song, “Must Be The Whiskey”, and Cody didn’t even have to sing as the crowd quickly took over that part.  He did join in obviously and took over, but the crowd continued singing along.  I hadn’t heard of Cody Jinks before this and was only familiar with one or two songs, but the people that had come to see him knew every word!  The front row was eager to get a fist bump and people were reaching their arms out to get his attention.  Cody started out with a few faster songs and then went with the usual rotation of slower songs in between the more upbeat ones.  The one thing that I noticed before Cody’s set started was that the full beards were out in force at this show.  Everywhere I looked there was another guy with a full, long beard!  Cody Jinks kept the crowd cheering and singing along throughout the night and I’m sure those that are going to the second night will be treated to an equally fun show!

As always, get out and support live performances and I’ll see you out there.